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Pinpoint EA Review

Pinpoint EA

With an extremely high win rate of 94% and 17 years of successful backtesting data on the GU and EU, Pinpoint EA guarantees it can safely recoup losing trades and provide traders with responsible trading and consistent weekly income.

Pinpoint EA presentation

How Pinpoint Robot Works

Pinpoint EA is a robot from responsibleforextrading.com, which is the brainchild of Ryan Brown, the developer from the United States. He has a high 5642 rating among the MQL5 community. Ryan provides a detailed YouTube video on his website, where he explains how to gain 98% of the win rate with Pinpoint EA. In his video, Ryan claims to have built 880 Forex trading algorithms for long-term trading. He also adds that in comparison to the other EAs available on the Forex market, this one churns out profits consistently and does not destroy traders’ accounts. It is a rare thing to see such a great level of vendor transparency. Thus, it is a major pro.

Pinpoint EA presentation

Pinpoint EA is a Forex expert advisor that was launched on the 29th of October 2020 and was designed to trade 2 currency pairs: EURUSD and GBPUSD. It is the result of 17 years of successful backtesting data and over 12 months of hard work. To provide more realistic results, the backtesting was performed with a variable spread and accurate Dukascopy data. This is a 100% automated trading system that trades daily and generates profits weekly. The developer of this EA convinces us that his robot can generate up to 2.5% of monthly profit with default settings (1:30 leverage). It follows bigger trades for better long-term results. The robot also is FIFO compliant.

Pinpoint EA Characteristics

The robot unitizes the 3-indicator combo to find the best trading points. It trades with a larger time frame trend. It places orders only with the trend. The dev points out it allows the robot to generate a high win rate. Pinpoint EA also has an in-built smart recovery system that allows the EA to recover from losing trades quickly.

Pinpoint EA chart

Applied Strategies

As earlier mentioned, the robot uses a combination of 3 indicators to find the best trading opportunity. With the help of different indicators and the Relative Moving Index (RMI) indicator, which helps to identify scalping points in the market, the robot creates balanced trading schemes. It is a good sign that the vendor is not afraid to say that there are trading risks when trading Pinpoint EA and points out several occasions where losses were recovered in the following weeks.

The vendor provides 2 backtest reports for each currency pair on the website.

Applied Strategies

Both GBP/USD and EUR/USD backtesting results can easily be verified on myfxbook.com. Let’s analyze how the robot traded the EURUSD currency pair in detail.

From the screenshot below you can see that the robot has earned steady profit from 9th May 2003 (the day when the test was started) to 16th September 2020. Its monthly gain was 1.29% when daily gain was 0.04%. For 17 years of trading, the total gain had grown to 1405, 18% ($14, 051 of profit). It traded with a high drawdown that was 52, 89%.

Pinpoint EA Myfxbook

It traded 2591 trades and won 2425 out of them. The win rate for long and short positions was high: 93% and 94% respectively. Its profit factor was 1.92 and the average trade length was 13 hours and 50 minutes. Its average loss of pips (-146.84 pips) was 13, 8 times higher than the average win (10.59 pips).

Pinpoint EA Trading Results

The dev provides us with live trading results on their website.

Pinpoint EA Trading Results

This account was added on myfxbook on Oct 22, 2020, and was deposited at $1,000. It’s a Demo USD account that trades with Trader’s Way broker on the MT4 platform. It trades with 1:500 leverage.

Pinpoint EA Myfxbook

For less than 5 months of trading, the robot placed 79 trades, which tells us that it does not overtrade. Its win rate is high as the robot won 75 trades. Its win rate for both short and long directions is high: 96% and 94%. Its average win is 11.47 pips /$3.17. The average loss is significantly higher ̶ 163.90 pips/$87.94. Its profit factor is low – 0.68 (it is because it suffered a significant loss on February 2, 2021).

Pinpoint EA Myfxbook

Its total gain is -11,42%. January 13 (-$-227.48/-21,14%), February 5 (-$45.18/ -5,24%) and February 26 (-$64.02/-7,30%) have resulted in a significant money loss ― -$114, 19.

Pinpoint EA trading results

It trades 2 currency pairs: EURUSD and GPUSD. URUSD has brought nothing except a money loss of -$160, 89. With GBPUSD it earned $46, 70 of profit – this is the reason for -$114.19 loss.  

Pinpoint EA trading results

It’s madness. The chance of losing 100% of the account balance is 99, 99%. This will require 10 consecutive losing trades.

Pinpoint EA trading results

Pricing & Refund

The robot is sold on the MQL5 market. Its price is $397 for a lifetime license. The system is also available for rent and costs $30/1 month or $90/3 months.

Pinpoint EA Pricing

A money-back guarantee is not included.

Customer reviews

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews on reputable third-party websites like FPA, Trustpilot, or Quora.


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