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DynaScalp Review


DynaScalp is a system that was published under the LeapFX brand and includes all possibilities and features to keep our account profitable. The advisor can manage a scalping strategy to cut small profits from significant market moves.  After the detailed system analysis, we could find that the robot can be a great solution to work on the market. 

How DynaScalp works

The developers provide us with much information and various explanations why we should use this system on our real account. We have systemized all of this in the following list. 

  • The system can support completely automatic orders execution. 
  • So, we have to provide only general supervision. 
  • It can seek trading oppo 24/7 on the market. 
  • The system prefers trading during the night session mostly. 
  • It works with significant accuracy. 
  • During this period the market experiences low-volatility conditions. 
  • There’s an algorithm that can be self updated. 
  • The robot supports trading on fifteen cross pairs. 
  • It manages all processes from opening to closing orders automatically. 
  • The developers showed how well the system works on a real account. 
  • It will calculate entry points, SL and TP levels. 

Applied strategies

  • The core strategy is scalping at night. 
  • The system supports opening trades on fifteen cross pairs. 
  • We have no details provided about time frames to trade. 

DynaScalp trading results

DynaScalp backtest report.

We have a report that united testing all pairs at once. The absolute profit has become $286,137. To obtain it, the system has executed 10,213 deals. The profit factor was 1.65. The average accuracy was 69.49%. The level of maximum drawdowns were acceptable–19.69%. It has received 1368141 pips. The win/loss ratio was 2.28. We may note many months were lost within six years. 

DynaScalp trading results on Myfxbook.

DynaScalp has been working on an IC Markets based real account. The leverage is 1:500. It receives data from the MT4 terminal indicators. The account has a verified track record. It was created on June 30, 2020, deposited at 1,325.77 AUD. Since then, the total gain has become 884.36%. An average monthly gain is 11.17%. The drawdown is 17.31%. There are 99 people who seek for upcoming trading results. 

DynaScalp trading results.

There were 4623 deals executed with 6876.9 pips. An average win is 3.91 pips when an average loss is a bit higher, -4.79 pips. We should expect that the win rate can be from 70% to 73%. An average trade length is 1 hour and 41 minutes. It works with a good profit factor of 1.64. 

DynaScalp currency pairs in work.

There all mentioned pairs traded where five of them were lost. EURAUD is the most traded pair with 352 deals closed and $358.70 obtained. 

DynaScalp daily trading results.

The system works before and after Midnight. 

DynaScalp weekly trading activities.

Tuesday is the most traded day with 1255 orders performed. 

DynaScalp risks.

The risks of losing an account is acceptable. There should be 164 deals lost to lose 10% of the account. 

DynaScalp closed orders.

The advisor works with conservative Martingale to recover after losses. 

DynaScalp monthly trading results.

We may note that after losing February and March, the robot starts recovering. 

Pricing & refund

We can decide which of two packages is better for us. We can get an annual subscription for $247. If we want to purchase a copy of a robot, we can do it for $397. There are the best settings, free updates, customer support, and best recommendations. It’s nice that the developers allow us to get a 30-day refund. This shows to us that the owners are confident in the product stability and reliability. 

People feedback

Alas, three are no testimonials written about how good the advisor is.

LeapFX testimonials

LeapFX created a profile on Trustpilot that allows everyone to write comments. There are 14 reviews written that formed a 4.1 rate. It says that traders are satisfied with the trading tools the company offers.

LeapFX testimonials

People shared their positive experience of using this software for everyone. 

Other notes

It’s noticeable from trading results that the robot can recover after losses. This is a pro for any paid advisor.


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