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Swisscom Plans Vodafone Italia Acquisition


Swisscom is currently engaged in advanced discussions to purchase Vodafone Group’s Italy business for a remarkable 8 billion euros ($8.68 billion). This significant move comes shortly after Vodafone rejected a bid from Xavier Niel’s Iliad Group.

Merging Vodafone Italia with Fastweb

The Swiss telecommunications giant intends to merge Vodafone Italia with its Italian subsidiary, Fastweb, potentially prompting a transformation in one of Europe’s largest telecoms markets. Vodafone has also validated the ongoing talks, emphasizing the substantial value creation, upfront cash proceeds, and transaction certainty that the deal with Swisscom could bring for its shareholders.

Telecom Mergers on the Rise

Evolving Portfolio Strategies

For Vodafone, this potential sale aligns with its strategic initiative to streamline its portfolio. Back in January, the telecommunications company rejected a revised proposal from Iliad to merge their Italian operations. Swisscom has now entered negotiations with Vodafone for a full acquisition of Vodafone Italia in a cash deal.

Uncertainty Looms Over Deal Completion

While Swisscom and Vodafone have disclosed a preliminary agreement on an enterprise value of EUR8 billion for the acquisition, both parties emphasize that the price is subject to customary closing adjustments. Despite the progress made, there is no definitive assurance that the transaction will come to fruition.


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