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TechBerry Review: Exploring The Best Forex Automated Social Trading Platform


TechBerry is a trading algorithm that bases its strategies on the analysis of over 100,000 trading accounts from expert traders. Also, it incorporates artificial intelligence in Forex market approaches. TechBerry has built a strong reputation in the market due to its ability to return average monthly profits of about 12%.

Social trading based on in-depth market analysis

TechBerry has been around since 2015 and has been a trendsetter in the Forex market. It operates on a deep-learning algorithm, which enables it to analyze hundreds of thousands of trades and create winning strategies based on the best trades. Furthermore, it analyzes the market to identify the best opportunities and times to trade. The TechBerry supplies the trading data used for market analysis. The platform is user-friendly, and anyone can easily use it.

How TechBerry operates

If you’re an individual

The first step is to sign up, and you can join in a few steps in a matter of seconds. Once you are on board as a member, you will get a share of the monthly profits generated by the platform. Additionally, members enjoy protection from losses, thanks to an loss reimbursement policy.

techberry for individuals

If you’re a trader

TechBerry offers traders a way to increase their earnings. Pro traders can download the EA software and integrate it with either the MT4 or MT5 platform. This enables TechBerry’s artificial intelligence to analyze their trading data and create an optimized trading strategy based on trading activity. Also, traders don’t need to deposit money on the platform.

techberry for traders

How reliable is TechBerry?

TechBerry’s reliability is not in doubt. First, it has working partnerships with more than 50 of the leading brokerage firms in the world. Notably, these brokerages are under regulatory approvals by regulators such as FINRA, CFTC, FCA, FCA, CySEC, BaFin, and FSC.

Ability to navigate through mass data

The financial market is dynamic and complex. With thousands of bits of trading data available out there, it may be difficult to make sense of all of them. However, TechBerry has simplified the process for users by doing all the analysis and feeding them with the refined product. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about reading volumes of market news or analyzing mass data.

Live trading results proved by the best analytical platforms

Reputation is among the most important factors to consider when choosing expert advisors. TechBerry boasts of a good reputation among some of the leading online FX audit sites. It has been positively reviewed by MyFxBook, FxAudit, and FxBlue. Furthermore, you can access trading results from the Techberry website.

AI-driven analysis

By employing a deep-learning algorithm, TechBerry analyzes the market based on actual trades. Therefore, this eliminates human factor when building trading strategies. Also, the algorithm identifies optimal time-frames and trading sessions to use. Other factors such as profit/risk ratio and drawdown also come into play. Consequently, this approach ensures objectivity and increases profit margins.

Flexible membership

TechBerry offers six paid subscriptions and a free trial. Therefore, one is free to choose a membership plan that meets their needs. Other features are listed below.

  • Subscription plans range from $499 for the “Infinite” plan to $19 for the “Green” plan annually.
  • There are assigned personal managers for subscribers in the “Gold” plan or higher.
  • Reimbursement policy against trading losses.
  • The platform only deducts service fees from the profit.
techberry membership plans

Is it worth joining TechBerry?

It is clear that TechBerry is a market leader in providing cutting-edge expert advisor services. Its legitimacy is further strengthened by the positive reviews by market analysis resources, such as Myfxbook and FX Audit. Based on its track record, it is likely that TechBerry will continue being a trailblazer.


  • TechBerry simplifies trading and enables both newbies and professionals to reap profits.
  • It has reimbursement policy against losses.
  • It has multiple subscription plans.
  • Offers consistency in generating approximately 11.2% profit per month.
  • Enjoys favorable reviews and partnerships with leading regulated brokerages.


  • It may be restrictive to traders who are not on MT4 or MT5.
  • It has high standards which traders have to meet before providing data. This prevents many traders from joining the platform.


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