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Aura Rocket Review

Aura Rocket Review

Aura Rocket is a fully-automated expert advisor that is compatible with all FIFO brokers. It uses multiple filters to avoid trading in poor market conditions. Traders have the ability to set a custom stop loss and take profit with each trade. We will review the product in our article to see if the can be fruitful for our trading accounts.

How Aura Rocket EA works

The system requires the following steps to work correctly:

  1. Purchase the EA from the MQL5 website
  2. Download the bot files on your desktop
  3. Launch the MT4/5 platform
  4. Drag the documents to the charts section
  5. Enable auto-trading

While analyzing the markets based the algorithm will open and close trades based on the coded information.

Vendor transparency

The Aura Rocket is owned by an individual named Stanislav Tomilov who appears to be based in Russia. Their MQL5 profile page shows that they have a 4.2-star rating. However, they have held zero formal jobs which contradicts the high stars. This seller has 9 products and 18 signals listed for sale, for example, Aura Pro, Aura Rocket, Matterhorn, and Aura Turbo with a total of 155 subscribers. 

No information on company whereabouts, email address, or telephone number is provided. This is a poor practice that reduces the trustworthiness of this person. 


The EA has the following features:

  • It’s compatible with FIFO and FTMO.
  • The system is very easy to install and use. 
  • It comes with a hard stop-loss mechanism. 
  • This robot works on the MT4/MT5 platform for Windows.

Applied strategies

It is based on deep machine learning and hyperparameter search technology. The robot uses perceptron and indicators to identify trends and open positions in that direction using a stop loss. The system trades on the XAUUSD currency pair.

The MQL5 history shows us that it trades on the hourly chart and can use a stop loss varying from 30-300 pips. A trailing stop loss is activated once a position enters a certain profit.

The trading history.

Backtesting records of the robot are available as screenshots from 2021 to 2022. In these statistics, the growth rate has not been mentioned. The drawdown of 17.58% is not very impressive. Deposits stood at 1000 USD, with total net profit reported as 2,886,686.62 USD.  

The numbers correspond to the recovery factor of 8.50 within 305 trades. Out of these, 95.41% were profitable. The worst trade numbers have been cut from the screenshot, and the profit factor is stated as 8.78. 

Backtesting records of the robot.
Backtesting records of the robot.

Aura Rocket trading results

Live trading results can be found on the website. These are for the USD currency, traded on MT5 with a 1:500 leverage. They track the performance starting from 2022.02.21.

The stats show that the robot makes a monthly gain of 5.51%, but the balance graph shows a significant downward trend at the start, which is concerning. Initial deposits were shown as 488.00 USD, with an equity of 1191.23 USD. The robot made a profit of 93.23 USD with a drawdown value of 14.9%.

The bot participated in 64 trades, of which 12.50% were losing trades. The profit factor is reported as 1.17, with an average trading length of 9 hours. 

The live records are on the MQL5 website.

Pricing & refund

This product is sold in various packages. Lifetime access comes at a one-time price of 995 USD. Customers may also opt to use it for 3 months after paying 245 USD. A 6-month subscription costs 445 USD, whereas a yearly subscription comes at 595 USD.

Payments are accepted through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, and Web Money. This version of the bot only works on Windows, which means there might be compatibility issues across other operating systems. There is no information about the quality of customer service or a money-back guarantee. 

Pricing of the robot on the MQL5 website.

Other notes

There are a total of 23 reviews on MQL5 about this EA. One angry customer vents his frustration with the bot’s subpar performance by telling how the various features as promised by the seller did not work at all. Moreover, losses made by the system blew up the dev’s trading account. This does not fare well for the seller and paints a very negative image of his trading tool.  

Customer review on MQL5.


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