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Waiting Night Review

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Waiting Night is a flexible EA that can adapt to your tastes. You can modify the risk levels or choose the broker you want, among other things. All the parameters needed are presented in just 5 settings points, which are comprehensible and straightforward. The system was published on MQL5 just a few months ago, on February 18, 2022. 

How Waiting Night works

We have summarized the features of the robot here:

  • The system uses pending orders to reduce slippage.
  • All trades adhere to FIFO rules.
  • A news filter is not utilized.
  • It does not use martingale, averaging orders, or other risky trading methods.
  • The robot closes all transactions within 3-5 hours.
  • It has an in-built volatility filter that is optimized for every currency pair.
  • The EA accompanies every transaction with a stop loss, a take profit, and a limit on the lifetime of the transaction.
  • It includes fine risk settings, so you can regulate the number of transactions.
  • It is recommended that you use the EA on ECN or RAW accounts and with a low ping VPS.
  • The minimum deposit to work with is $100.

Marat Baiburin is the developer of this EA. He resides in Russia and has not created any other trading tools. His professional background, including his trading experience, is unknown. 

Applied strategies

Waiting Night utilizes what the vendor says is an innovative approach to night scalping. However, he doesn’t explain what this exactly means. The EA also applies price action and the author’s indicator in trading. 

Backtest results.

This is a backtest report for the USDCAD pair, where the M5 timeframe was used. The EA was tested between August 2003 and December 2021 and completed 2947 trades using a deposit of $10000. As a consequence, a total net profit of $7280.59 was produced, which is relatively small considering the long trading period. Fortunately, the drawdown was low at 0.59%, confirming that low-risk trading was applied. The profit factor was 3.90. 

Waiting Night trading results

The vendor provides the trading signals for this system on MQL5. Nonetheless, third-party sites such as FXStat, Myfxbook, or FXBlue have not been involved in the verification process. 

Live trading statistics on MQL5.

The account was opened in January 2022 and deposited at $97.06. Within 71 trading days, the robot has succeeded in making a profit of $58.77 for the owner. With its initial deposit the balance has increased to $255.83. The maximum drawdown (3.4%) is low, meaning that trading risks are at a minimum.  

Trading performance.

To date, 161 trades have been executed. Out of these, 75.15% were successful. The loss rate is significantly lower at 24.84%. The average profit is $0.83, while the average loss is -$1.05. For the most part, the EA holds a position for 55 minutes before closing it. The profit factor is 2.40. 

Performance of pairs.

Many trades are conducted using the EURUSD currency pair. The EURCHF symbol is used occasionally. 

Pricing & refund

Waiting Night is sold at $199, down from $399. However, the vendor warns that the EA will return to its original price once the discounted 10 copies are sold out. In the future, the final price of the advisor will be $2000. A refund policy is not part of the offer. 

The robot’s price.

Other notes

As we looked through the customers’ reviews on mql5, it became more apparent that a good number of traders using the system are satisfied with its workings. Some state that the robot demonstrates great performance because it can make profits. However, we found one client who admits that the EA was good for the first few days but lost €6 later. 

User feedback on MQL5.


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