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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy very strictly and take every possible step to secure the data collected and the information you provide us. The appropriate security measures have been taken to ensure that the data will be solely used for the purpose it was collected. We don’t disseminate the information being collected to anyone else and have taken steps to make sure that no one breaches our privacy measures.

Be advised that, for lawful business reasons, we compile, display, or publish (if and when needed) only personal details that cannot be of any harm to anyone. We will explain the ten responsibilities and activities along with describing briefly how on your behalf we stick to the regulations.

Responsibility: We held ourselves responsible for handling the collected data safely and securely. Apart from this, we undertake to preserve the confidentiality and trading history of the clients. We have respect and appreciation for those concerned and recognize that protecting this trust demands a higher level of openness and responsibility from us. We understand that you have every right to know how we store and protect the private information generated or collected by any means. There is a dedicated privacy officer who is responsible and serves as a primary intermediary with the safety and protection concerns of the whole domain and strive to comply with the Privacy Policy.

Personal Identification: We have the right, and take steps, to identify the intent(s), use it, or reveal personal details during or before its compilation. Identifying Aim: The objectives are just those specific to the operations of our venture.

Limiting Access to the Data: We are in complete control of the data collected and have limited the access of our team members to the data of the clients or visitors. Dissemination and retention of personal details for purposes other than that through which it was obtained shall not be undertaken, or the information should not be shared, except as necessary by statute.

Validity and Authority: We are taking all appropriate measures to ensure that the data of the users is reliable, complete, and up-to-date. We validate the data being collected before storing it to make sure we aren’t exerting our efforts in the wrong direction.

Protection: We have taken some strict steps to ensure that your sensitive details are safeguarded and protected in the right manner. Any credentials, including your details, will be removed electronically or shredded as appropriate whenever we feel that we don’t need the data anymore.

Permission: We abide entirely by privacy laws and internet security measures. That’s why our staff is taught to first obtain your permission through double opt-in if you wish to become a part of our newsletter.

Limiting Collection: We ensure that knowledge collecting is restricted to only what is required, and no one is asked for any additional information which can be a threat to their well-being and personal safety.

Procedures and Regulation: Both our proactive actions and personal data protection measures are forthcoming. Our privacy policy is easily accessible both in print and web formats.

Retrieval of Data: You have access to the data that we have collected from you as a participant. Data details may be updated as required in due course.

Compliance Concern: If you have any questions or want to show your concerns on conformity with the above principles, you can reach out to our team at [email protected]. Please feel free to email us at any moment if you have any doubts or complaints concerning the details as mentioned above. We will be more than happy to answer your queries and clear the doubts.