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Forex Cyborg Review

forex cyborg

Today we’d like to tell you in our review about Forex Cyborg robot. The robot is introduced by sellers as an assistant for professionals traders: “A REAL PROFESSIONAL FOREX ROBOT FOR REAL PROFESSIONAL TRADERS”. Forex Cyborg is a fully automatic professional advisor. Patterns that are triggered by a neural network look for the best entry and exit points to maximize profits.

How Forex Cyborg Works

Despite the creators’ claim that this is a super innovative product, it has only three features declared by the developers: Fully-automated, MetaTrader 4, and Full support. There’s nothing told about stop-loss and money-management system.

A little lower, in the specification section, developers describe money management system: “Forex Cyborg uses built-in sensible money management ensuring that one loss does not wipe out all of your gains. There is no martingale, no hedging & no arbitrage. The revolutionary new“ currency correlation risk-manager ”will help you to manage your risk. Two different preset-types are build-in in the EA. You can choose between the“ Normal ”and the“ Conservative ”-set.” The forex robot runs only on the specific hours between 6.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. GMT. The devs told that there’s no need in minimal account funds, you’re able to trade for any amount of money.

Applied strategies 

The presentation includes the “wall” of beck-tests. Let’s check one of them. 

forex cyborg review chart

This strategy has been checked on AUD/CAD currency pairs with auto risk 8. The deposit has been $1000 and during the period the account grew to $23104. The profit factor is 2.72. There have been performed 538 trades. The shorts’ win rate is 78%, longs 70%.

Forex Cyborg Trading Results

The official account has been deployed in July 2017. 

forex cyborg review chart

It’s a real EUR account with Darwinex, the leverage level is 1:200, and the robot runs on the MetaTrader 4 platform. During the period account gained +274%. The daily gain is 0.15, monthly one is 4.61%. The fx robot runs with high drawdowns (29.27%).

forex cyborg review trading

As you can see, this year is not quite good for the robot owner. the annual gain equals +42% it’s on -80% less in 2018.

forex cyborg statistics

Forex Cyborg has completed 1807 deals (5000 pips). The win rate is 72%, the profit factor is low and equals 1.54. The average trade length is 10 hours. 

forex cyborg statistics

The robot uses a low-risk rate. There are less than 1% for losing 10% of the account, so the robot has to lose 59 deals in a row.

forex cyborg monthly analytics

We don’t know about the main patterns, but ForexCyborg money-management system looks not quite good. The robot isn’t able to trade smooth and at least some kind of predictable. How you can see, you can be easily screwed for 30% of the account balance. 

forex cyborg currencies popularity

The EA usually trades from 10 to 15 currency pairs every single month and there is no favorite currency to trade to.

Pricing And Refunds

forex cyborg accounts

The robot isn’t cheap. The only difference between €500 and €600 pack is the number of real accounts.

Other notes

Forex Cyborg doesn’t sell on any Forex Robot Stores, so, any proven reviews and protection, as well as, we couldn’t find anything about money-back guarantee cases. 

Overall rating
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