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Forex Cyborg Review

forex cyborg

Forex Cyborg uses innovative software that works effectively on multiple currency pairs. As per the vendor, this expert advisor is created by professional traders for the Metatrader 4 platform.  The vendor claims the system has a high winning rate proved by the 10-year backtesting done under different market conditions. 

How Forex Cyborg EA works

We find the website is well-designed with separate sections on the features, portfolio, specifications, pricing, etc. accessible from the main page. This software, which is made by professional programmers and traders, is user-friendly and simple to use, ensuring efficiency and profitability. You can use it on both the mobile and desktop versions of MetaTrader 4.  For support, the vendor offers an online contact form. 

Some of the key features of this FX robot that make it competitive as per the vendor are:

  • The software is a complex and advanced automated system.
  • 24/7 support is provided for users to ensure proper setup and functioning of the system.
  • Free installation on your VPS via Team Viewer is provided if needed.
  • It works on the MT4 terminal and uses the M15 timeframe.
  • The FX robot works on 18 currency pairs.
  • The system trades from 17:00 up to 23:30 GMT based on the currency pair you choose.
  • No minimum leverage or account size is needed for using the EA.
  • This FX EA works on any account and broker.

Applied strategies

As per the vendor, this MT4 tool uses a combination of methods including technical analysis for ensuring successful results. The FX robot does not use arbitrage, hedging, or Martingale. It is designed to dynamically adapt to market situations. The settings are inbuilt in the complex trading algorithm of the FX EA. Normal and conservative sets are present and you can choose the parameters for them.

Many backtesting reports are present on the official site. Here is one of the backtests done on the AUDCAD pair using the M15 timeframe from 2010 to 2020.

Backtesting report of Forex Cyborg on the official site.

From the above strategy tester report, we can see a total net profit of 3532 was generated from an initial deposit of 10000. For a total of 888 trades, the maximum drawdown was 1.01%. Profitability of 74% and a profit factor of 3.42% were present. From the results, we can see the drawdown is low indicating low risk. While the profits are not high, the growth curve is steady and the low risk ensures your capital is well-protected. 

Forex Cyborg trading results

A few verified trading results are present for the FX robot. Here is a real EUR account using the Darwinex broker and the leverage of 1:200 on the MT4 terminal.

Growth curve of Forex Cyborg on the Myfxbook site.
Trading history of Forex Cyborg on the Myfxbook site.

From the stats shown in the screenshots above, we can see the system has generated a total profit of 256.87%. The daily and monthly profits are 0.07% and 2.25% respectively. From the growth graph, we can see the account has increased at a consistent rate albeit with small dips in-between since it started in July 2017. The downward spiral and rallying of the curve show efficient risk and money management. A drawdown of 31.63% is present for the account. The lot sizes used vary and are high ranging from 0.11 to 0.24. While the big lot sizes and a relatively high drawdown denote a risky approach, the consistent profits show the system is capable of proper risk management.

Pricing & refund

You can purchase this FX robot by choosing from the two available packages, namely the Gold (€499.99) and the Premium (€599.99) packages. Both plans include lifetime support, lifetime updates, and an unlimited number of demo licenses that can work on 18 currency pairs. The main difference is the number of real licenses they provide. 

A 30-day money-back guarantee is present which shows the vendor is confident of the effectiveness of the FX robot. When compared to the market average, we find the pricing is expensive but the effective strategy, money-back assurance, and other aspects make it worth the price.

Other notes

We found one review on the Forexpeacearmy site for this FX robot. Here is a screenshot of the feedback.

User review of Forex Cyborg on the Forex Peace Army site.

From the above testimonial, we find that the system had given decent profits despite the strong drawdowns which corroborate our analysis of the trading results.

Overall rating
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