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FxDiverse EA Review

fxdiverse ea

Fx Diverse is an automated robot that has been in the market since 2015. Over the years it has maintained resilience over the different market situations. In this review, we’ll discuss how the forex robot has performed and probably what has changed about it up to now. 

In-Depth FxDiverse EA Review

The information provided regarding this forex trading bot is sparse. In the official website, they don’t outline who the developers are. Or where they’re located and why we should trust their expertise. Which by the way, they don’t prove either considering we don’t know how many years of experience they carry. 

In slight fairness, they do explain that with the robot you can customize your trading to your own needs. You determine how often you want to trade and can even adjust the profitability you want to achieve by how much money you want to earn from the trades. Or, you can also set the profit percentage you want to gain. 

fxdiverse ea info

How FxDiverse EA Works

This forex EA trades between 3 to 28 pairs. A look at their Myfxbook trades history shows they trade the popular pairs only. No exotics here. And, some of the most trades pairs are GbpUsd, AudJpy, AudCad, and EurGbp. 

fxdiverse ea myfxbook

Most of the trades last for a few days on average. Most are closed within 1-3 weeks but some actually drag to more than 3 months. 

fxdiverse ea monthly analytics

It’s not a robot advisable for scalpers who want some quick bucks. Most trades collect 100+ pips but some accumulate over 1000+ pips. Like said, they focus on swing trading. 

But despite that long duration, the profits are far from staggering. Daily profit is 0.13% and in 2019 the average monthly profit has been less than 1.5%. 

Due to my initial awe of the robot, seeing those results prompted me to view the previous years. During the inception in 2015,  it seems it was performing quite great actually. With some months achieving 30+% profit, it seems it has been on a decline ever since. 

fxdiverse ea monthly analytics

In 2016 it was able to achieve 15+% monthly returns too but still, it’s a decline from 2015 results. With the historic performance, it’s safe to say this forex trading bot doesn’t promise anything pleasant in the future. 

Strategy Used, Balance And Leverage

There’s no strategy outlined. Again, they don’t explain any balance recommended but at least $1000 should be good to start with. From their account, they use a leverage of 1:500. Due to the duration of trades open, they probably analyze trades from the H4 chart. 

Pricing And Recommended Broker

There are two packages for this forex EA. The first is the annual package costing $235 and comes with free updates and quick support. 

The second is the lifetime package at $275 and it, too, comes with free updates and support. 

It’s unclear whether they offer a demo account alongside. But, both packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Fx Diverse team says the robot can work with any forex broker.

fxdiverse ea

Trading Results

Like earlier explained, this automated forex trading system has been on a steady decline since it was released. The Myfxbook shows it has amassed almost 800% in this account. While in 2015 it was performing remarkably good, in 2019 it’s not worth a purchase. Even if you earn a 1% monthly profit consistently over the next four years, you won’t achieve the 800% profit they’ve gained during the past 4 years. 


1: Price 

In an industry where some top forex robots cost $1000+, getting a lifetime package for less than $300 is a good deal. 

2: You customize your own trading

You get to decide how much money you want to make and the robot will try to achieve that. Of course, it helps to provide some reasonable figures. 

3: No experience needed. 

Like with most forex robots, you don’t need any forex trading experience. But then again, it still helps to know how to run the software and the background of the pairs you’re trading. 


1: Poor results

While the robot has a proven track record, it’s not the kind of results you want to achieve. Some newbies can actually perform better than a Forex EA that gains 1% monthly profit despite running for 4 years. 

2: Poor customer service

A review by a customer says that after the purchase it’s quite hard to contact the team. 

Overall rating
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