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R0B0.1 Review

R0B0.1 Review

R0B0.1 looks like an iconic scam. The presentation is several pages long and has no information about the system at all. The system is introduced as the “New Way Of Trading.”

R0B0.1 presentation

How R0B0.1 Works

The site and presentation look like a bad joke because there’s no information provided. Let’s talk about features the developer mentioned and those which we could foresee:

  • The company’s mission is “to bring the best online trading software to the world market.”
  • The robot works completely automatically on the MT4 terminal.
  • The system puts emotions aside of trading.
  • It works based on ten special indicators. We don’t know anything about these indicators or why they are special.
R0B0.1 presentation
  • The EA can work with various markets at the same time.
  • The robot can work with 28 currency pairs.
  • We can start trading with as low as $250, placing 0.01 Lot Size orders.
  • The accuracy rate is 90% (unproven).
  • The system runs charts 24/5.

Applied Strategies

  • The developers don’t disclose a trading strategy.
  • According to the backtest report, the robot works on the M1 time frame.
  • We have seen only trading USD/JPY.

R0B0.1 Trading Results

R0B0.1 Trading Results

The presentation has a video of how the backtest was formed.

R0B0.1 Backtest

The report has low quality, so it’s impossible to say something for sure. It’s a USD/JPY backtest on the M1 time frame. The modeling quality was only 27%. So, it’s a useless report. An initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit was $2378 or so. The Profit Factor was 56.83. The maximum drawdown is 3.12%. There were 21 trades closed. The win-rate is 95% for Shorts and 0% for Longs. 

The company provides us with no trading results. The web doesn’t know about the robot’s trading results. It’s a red flag for Robo.1 EA.

Pricing & Refund

R0B0.1 Pricing

The system costs $147 for a lifetime license, $37 for a monthly subscription, and $67 for a three-month subscription. The original price was $297. The developers provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

R0B0.1 Pricing

We can check out only using the site. So, our card and other personal intel will be stored on the site. We aren’t sure this is safe.

People feedback

The company shares no real feedback with us. It’s a con because we don’t know how the robot works on people’s accounts.

R0B0.1 People feedback

Everything we have, only these comments, but there’s no proof they are real. Most likely, they were written as soon as the site was started.

Other notes

R0B0.1. From their “mission,” we know that the developers created this product five years ago.

From their “mission,” we know that the developers created this product five years ago. This is everything we know about the developers and “who they are.” It’s not so much for the robot design company.

R0B0.1. There’s a 30% affiliate program.

There’s a 30% affiliate program.

R0B0.1. The affiliate process is simple: register, promote, and earn.

The affiliate process is simple: register, promote, and earn.

Overall rating
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