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Forex Blade LLC Review

Forex Blade LLC

We’d like you to read a review of Forex Blade LLC. The presentation looks far from being professional. It can be another scam service.

Forex Blade LLC services

The next we see is where this service was mentioned.

Forex Blade LLC experience

It’s a total scam. We have a no-name person who is “transforming,” what a ridiculous word, water in wine. If it was not a scam, the developer would be hunted by HR departments of all existing Hedge foundations. Usually, when a person makes that big money on Forex, they’d mention the strategy or strategies he or she used. If not, it’s a scam. Then, they’ve provided signals for $100 monthly. What’s a strategy? Who did generate them?  And so what? Was he able to keep providing signals without stolen money? Yes, of course. He stopped, right? It’s a scam.

Forex Blade LLC presentation

All of this is manipulation. There’s no single proof if it’s true.

Forex Blade LLC blog posts

Posts from the blog look abandoned. There have been no updates for over a month.

How Forex Blade LLC Works

Forex Blade LLC courses

There were two mentioned robots. Now, there’s a single EA called Forex Blade EA V3. The previous robot – v2020 was removed. The page includes some lessons (48) from Forex Blade University.

Forex Blade LLC Characteristics
  • The robot works fully-automatically for us.
  • It can be run only on the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • The system uses a Martingale strategy.
  • It can’t be the only strategy. There should be something Grid, Trend, or any other. 
  • We don’t know anything about the main strategy.
  • The can be used on real and demo accounts.
  • The vendor provides us with a 30-day trial.
Forex Blade LLC course
  • The information is gathered in one place.
Forex Blade LLC - Register
  • When we’re going to click on the “Register” button after filling in info about us, we’re warned that the site is dangerous and our data can proceed safely.
Forex Blade LLC licenses
  • We have a video that provides explanations about the system. As we can see, there are 35 licenses, not 278 as was mentioned.

Applied Strategies

Forex Blade LLC Applied Strategies

The download page reveals some information about EA:

  • The robot needs a huge margin. We need $1000 for each 0.01 Lot. It means the robot can open many Grid orders with Martingale Lot Sizes.
  • We can trade on 3-4 pairs maximum.
  • The system works with USD/CAD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD.
  • It sets TP at 17 pips and SL at 10 pips.
  • There was a period when the developer suggested we trade without SL at all.

The vendor skipped providing backtest reports to the community. Most likely they weren’t performed or they were horrible. It’s a huge con for us because we can’t be sure that the robot was well tested before release.

Forex Blade LLC Trading Results

Forex Blade LLC Trading Results

There was an account of the second version of the robot on myfxbook.

Forex Blade LLC Instagram account

There are some screenshots from Discord on Instagram. These screenshots don’t belong to the developer.

Forex Blade LLC screenshots

Everything we can see is screenshots. There’s no proof provided.

Pricing & Refund

The presentation doesn’t include pricing for the robot. There’s a 30-day free trial period. 

People feedback

Forex Blade LLC People feedback

The presentation is featured by several positive testimonials. Most likely, they’re fake.

Forex Blade LLC - 4.4 from 5 rates

The company has a profile with a 4.4 from 5 rates on Trustpilot based on 14 reviews. 

Forex Blade LLC customer reviews
Forex Blade LLC customer reviews

This page focuses on gathering feedback about their educational program. Most of the comments are positive and respect the company for launching a good educational service.


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