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Zero To Hero FX Signal Review

Zero To Hero FX Signal

Zero To Hero FX Signal uses technical and fundamental analysis to trade markets. The company uses social media to distribute its trades and has multiple subscription options for traders. They take 4-10 trades per day and have a monthly target of 300 pips. We will analyze the live records on FXBlue to see if investors can enjoy a good stable income from the signals. 

Zero To Hero FX Signal

How Zero To Hero FX Signal works

The signals require the following steps to work correctly:

  1. Purchase one of the signal packages from the websites
  2. The developer will add you to their Telegram premium channel 
  3. Follow all the trades as received and make the changes accordingly so that your performance matches the providers

Vendor transparency

The developer states that they have over ten years of experience in the market and can help traders avoid losses during the initial stages of their trading. There are no certificates or portfolios available to verify the claim. We can not find any information on the whereabouts and the author’s names.


The signals has the following features:

  • It has a monthly target of 300 pips
  • There are 4-10 trades each day
  • Multiple packages available for purchasing
  • Comprehensive trading experience

Applied strategies

The developer states that they trade on major currency pairs using technical and fundamental analysis. Each trade comes with a stop loss, take profit, and entry price. From the history on FXBlue, we can observe that each trade can have an exit of around 20-30 pips. The author can close out a position before reaching the designated point. Most of the executions are in EURJPY and USDJPY. The average trade length is at 26.9 hours which conforms to a day trading approach. 

The trading history.

There are no backtesting records available for the strategy that the developer uses. We scanned the whole website but could not find information on the related topic.

Zero To Hero FX Signal trading results

On the live records, we have had trading activity since June 14, 20. The developer made an average monthly gain of 9.7%, with a drawdown of 29.3%. While contrasting the drawdown with the monthly output, we get a poor risk-reward ratio of nearly 3:1. Every dollar that the strategy makes has to risk $3 on the line.  

The winning rate stood at 56.3%, with a profit factor of 1.5. The best trade was $116.71 while the worst was -$133.91. There were a total of 501 trades. 

These records are only available on a demo account that does not care for the real market liquidity and slippage. The developer does not use a live portfolio to trade. 

The live records.

Pricing & refund

The robot can be purchased for $95 a month, and there is no money-back guarantee. Traders can also get it for 3 and 5 months at $195 and $295, respectively. A yearly subscription is available at $395.

The pricing of the EA.

Other notes

There are 27 reviews available at the Forex Peace Army, which gives the company a rating of 4.401. One of the traders states that he is unable to enter on trades that are profitable due to the high slippage. He says that he should have read the one-star feedback before purchasing the product.

Customer review at FPA.

Another trader says that he only gets one trade each day. The company charged their card but did not provide signals for the designated period. The customer service is not up to the par as they are unwilling to help solve the problem.

Customer review at FPA.


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