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Z Trader FX EA Review

z trader fx ea

We suggest you read the brand-new review of forex robots. This time we’ll talk about the Z Trader FX EA. The product presentation itself on the devs’ website is quite small, so we will try to take only the most useful from it.

How Z Trader FX Works

The robot works on MetaTrader 4 platform. The devs would like us to start trading with at least a $100 deposit/0.01 lot. The seller offers us the easy-to-go installation and free updates. A little bit lower there’s a text about what’s EA and that every forex EA varies. 

Applied strategies 

z trader fx ea

So, from the screenshot, we can get that the robot doesn’t perform Scalping or Averaging as the strategies. Z Trader FX robot is the fully-automated program.

The backtest performing you can show on the following screenshot.

z trader fx ea strategy tester report

There were applied an “every tick” option. Currency pair has been EUR/USD, 2 years the period of running from 2016 to 2018.

The deposit has been $99, and the robot could grow the balance to $2 016 982. The absolute drawdowns are quite low and equal to 2.61. The profit factor is very high: 640. There have been traded 326 trade with a 96% win rate.

Z Trader FX trading results

The robot has been running for 470 days. 

z trader fx trading results

The weekly gain is 3.6%, monthly is quite high: 16.0%. The profit factor is very very high if we’d like to compare it with other ones: 11.80.

The account has been funded for RUB 4763 and grows to RUB 33755. 

z trader fx chart

As you can see from the chart, Z Trader FX robot is able to trade smoothly enough with the low level of DD (5.1%). The profit is RUB 29156 for a half and a year.

z trader fx

As we’ve been told the robot runs just one currency pair. The total return is 616% and this is a very impressive result, with the win rate that equals 86%.

z trader fx stats

There have been closed 2017 trades, where 178 of them have been won. The most of loses have been trades with very long period with the average length equals to 351 hours.

z trader fx level of risk

The robot performs with a high level of risk of ruining the account.

Pricing And Refunds

Z Trader FX EA is a cheap robot comparing to its results. The price for 2 real accounts and 2 demo ones is just $117, for the “3+3” option is $137.

Other notes

We’re warned that in order to get the same results we have to choose the same brokerage company. It’s Forex4you brokerage company with an average rate across the board from 3.2 to 4 by a 5-marks scale.

Overall rating
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