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Forex InControl Reborn EA Review

forex incontrol reborn

Today’s review will be devoted to the Forex inControl Reborn robot. This is the second version of Forex in Control from the devs. Therefore, the approach to the product itself: improving patterns and performing, in general, is respected. This suggests that the developers are not a one-day company that does not care about their reputation.

How Forex InControl Reborn EA Works

What’s up with the Reborn version? The forex robot has got a brand-new trading mode called “Accelerator”. We expect that they explain what it is. The money management system includes control of drawdowns, stop-loss system, risk diversification. The robot is able to perform just two currency pairs like AUD/USD, EUR/GBP.

Applied strategies 

The hard DDs control system is the first devs wanna us to spend attention. So, it has a sense. “… EA allows specifying a maximal possible drawdown precisely so that under any circumstances you wouldn’t lose more than expected. In the represented forex EA we applied a technology that automatically sets StopLoss for all orders on such a price, that will not let you lose a dollar more than it is pointed in the settings of the EA,” they said. It’s a good-to-go option. Forex InControl Reborn can work well with different currency pairs, but the devs suggest to us the best ones. They said is kinda diversification of loses. The robot allows us to set different risks and expected drawdowns for every of the currency pairs. It’s a very solid option.

forex incontrol reborn drawdown

The backtest results look like that.

forex incontrol reborn strategy tester report

The robot has backtested on the AUD/USD account. The first deposit has been 10000, and total account balance was 207000. The MaxDrawDown has been set 30. There have been traded 1202 deals. The shorts won rate is 63%, longs won 68%. The profit factor was 2.15

forex incontrol reborn drawdown

How you can see from the screenshot is the Accelerator mode backtesting. 

Forex InControl Reborn trading results

Let’s take a look at the official real account on myfxbook.

forex incontrol reborn myfxbook

Forex inControl Reborn runs the real USD account with $1000, FXOpen as a brokerage company and on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The robot can provide an incredibly good result for about almost two years of its performing. The daily gain is 0.28%, monthly 9.17%, total drawdowns are almost 40%.

forex incontrol reborn myfxbook

This year’s gain was little, (-139.42%), but the profit was higher $3148 (+$810).

forex incontrol reborn statistics

The robot performed just several trades in a month with a total of 90 trades. There have been 2788 pips. The longs won rate is 79%, shorts one is 76%. The average trade length high enough and equals 7 days. The profit factor is incredible: 4.98. Well done guys! 

forex incontrol reborn monthly gain
forex incontrol reborn monthly analytics

The annual charts prove to everyone that there are real and well-worked patterns in the robot. There were no months with losing over gaining.

The robot performs just one currency pair: AUD/USD.

forex incontrol reborn advanced statistics

The “Summary” looks very positive and inspiring.

forex incontrol reborn

Forex inControl Reborn trades whole days if needed. 

forex incontrol reborn

The robot performs with the lowest risk rate.

Pricing And Refunds

There are two packages of the robot. The first one is the version with “Optimized options” and costs $220. For this money will get one real account. The version with “Acceleration mode” costs $270. 

Other notes

We haven’t seen how the robot performs on the EUR/GBP currency pair, it’s the first. There no money-back period was provided.

Overall rating
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