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XFXea Review


In our next review, we would like to tell you about the XFXea robot. Going to the robot website, we see a compact two-page presentation with links on several accounts on myfxbook.

How XFXea Works

The forex robot was built to make a profit in any market situation. XFXea trades AUD/USD and EUR/USD currency pairs and focused on not having long unprofitable periods. 

Applied strategies 

The robot has got special patterns with calculations and trading algorithms. Even the some trades have been closed by XFXea with loss, special algorithms allow the robot to recover quickly. 

xfxea strategies

Some of the strategies have been backtested. As usual, the $5000 deposit became $86M. There were high DDs (60%). The average win-rate was from 62% to 68%. 

XFXea trading results

The devs have got two accounts: normal and aggressive ones.

xfxea myfxbook

Let’s take a look at the normal one. It’s a real USD account, with a start deposit equaled $800. The fx robot uses FXOpen as a brokerage company, applies trading with no leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The daily gain is 0.32%, the monthly gain is 10.02%. It’s a good result, but with a high level of drawdowns (35%). 

xfxea results

The 2019 annual profit is lowe in a half comparing to the 2018 year results and equals +89.76% (-40.29%), but the annual profit rose to $1651 (+611$ comparing to 2018). 

xfxea advanced statistics

There have been traded 169 trades and 1684 pips. The average win-rate is 60% for longs won, and 66% for the shorts won. The trade length is five days.

xfxea advanced statistics

As we can see, the robot trades EUR/USD pair is wise better than AUD/USD one. The win rate for the first one is 71%, for the last one is 58%.


The robot doesn’t like to trade openings and closes, preferring a mid of day to go.

xfxea monthly gain
xfxea monthly gain

As usual, the robot’s first half of a year is wise better than the rest period. How you can see, in general, robot trades ok.

xfxea currencies popularity

Last two months XFXea traded just AUD/USD currency pair. I can mean that the robot can be profitable on the EUR/USD currency pair. 

Pricing And Refunds

xfxea pricing

The robot has been selling with the Xmas offer at the $234 price. 

For this money, we’ll get the one-lifetime license, 2 currency pairs ready-to-go, manuals, updates, as well as, fee support.

Overall rating
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