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ForexDraw EA Review


ForexDraw is a robot that we would like to tell you about today. Going to the presentation site we’re offered to stop looking for some other top robots and try this one, getting a stable monthly income.

How ForexDraw EA Works

The robot has been designed for, as devs said, “small capital” Does this mean low price or low requirements for the min deposit. The forex robot has got a brand-new feature in the last update: provided a cadle reader that allows avoiding performing during fundamental events. 

Applied strategies 

The robot works with applying scalping Martingale technique that always gets a profit as long as we pursue a reasonable profit. Martingale relies on the market and is already equipped with a combination of scalping patterns which will help get profit when Martingale orders are wrong before the market turns before taking take profit. The robot provides trading with small risks.

ForexDraw trading results

The robot has been deployed on the real account. Let’s check it up.

forexdraw chart

The account has been funded for $1000 just about two months ago. It little time in life for a brand-new robot. During the period it managed to get the $583 profit. 

forexdraw results
forexdraw weekly return

According to the data, the weekly return is 6.1%, the monthly one is 28.1%. The profit factor is good enough and equals 2.21

forexdraw results

There has not been any day ended with losing. 

forexdraw stats

There have been performed 276 deals, where 184 have ended with wins, 90 of the rest have ended with losses. 

forexdraw currency pair

As we can see from the spreadsheet the worst currency pair to trade is USD/CHF. Comparing with the rest ones it shows about -20% of the win rate.

forexdraw currency pair

If we’d like to compare buy/sell ways they look mostly equal. 

forexdraw results

In December 2019 growing is going to slow down, compared to the November 2019 results. The November gain has been +35%, the 24 days of December is just about +14%.

forexdraw results

There have been applied four strategies in ForexDraw Ea that work almost equally.

forexdraw currency comparing

The currency comparing look like on the chart.

forexdraw profitability

As we can see the robot likes trading long trades. The average trade length is 2.1 days.

forexdraw weekly profit

The weekly profit varies depending on the week, but now it goes down. 

Pricing And Refunds

ForexDraw is cheap enough. There are two packages of it. For $150 we’ll get 2 licenses on the board, for $200 unlimited licenses.

Other notes

The sellers don’t provide any kind money-back guarantee, as well as, don’t sell the robot through official selling platform like MQL 5 or others.

Overall rating
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