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Jet Trader Pro Review

jat trader pro

In this review, we will tell you about the JET Trader Pro robot. Its presentation begins with a video in which, another developer of forex robots, tells how he beats the market for 14 consecutive months and other nonsense in order to impress the new traders with such statements.

How Jet Trader Pro Works

The robot can work with only one currency pair, namely EUR / USD. 

The devs don’t explain why they do not configure the robot to work with other popular currency pairs; instead, they say that the EUR/USD one is so unique and running just it allows you to get great results.

The sellers are trying to force us to buy a robot here and now, repeating like a mantra: “3rd PARTY VERIFIED” and repeating the same info block several times in the presentation.

A little bit lower we can read a fake story from Jack McKennon about how cool it was to run this robot.

The robot has “everyone-gets” features like: updates and support.

The presentation finish by another seance of hypnosis: “I’ve shown you more than just screenshots. I’ve shown you multiple REAL, LIVE, 3RD PARTY PROOF with returns of up to 20% per month over the last 14 months.” So, if the robot even performs well it’ll be a 100% scum.

Applied strategies 

Jet Trader Pro works have got some patterns that don’t allow a trader to accept the unnecessary risk. The devs position the robot as a risk expert that has an advantage over other traders. 

Jet Trader Pro trading results

The forex robot runs on three accounts. Two of them real USD Cents, and one is a demo one.

jat trader pro chart

The account uses EXNESS as a brokerage company with 1:400 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The daily gain is 0.19%, the monthly one is 5.95%. The drawdowns level is 18%.

jat trader pro results

How you can see from the chart this year the robot performs a little bit better, given +63.17% annual gain with USC1354. 

jat trader pro advanced statistics

There have been performed 368 trades with 2334 pips. The longs won win-rate is 72%, shorts is 76%. The average trade length is 5 days, with the profit factor 3.13.

jat trader pro statistics

The robot trades only during the daytime and doesn’t trade the market openings and closes.

jat trader pro monthly gain

The last three-month profit is so low, comparing to other robots at the same price.

Pricing And Refunds

jat trader pro pricing

Jet Trader Pro costs $350 and not get other packages. For this money, we’ve got the robot and the 30-day money-back guarantee license. 

Other notes

It’s not so solid to fund about $50 on two accounts and scream everywhere the results are proved. $50 is nothing for Forex. If the robot owner loses it, he probably won’t care at all. 

Overall rating
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