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Top 6 Cryptocurrency News Platforms for Traders

Top 6 Cryptocurrency News Platforms for Traders

Traders rely on quality news platforms to make informed decisions. This explains why large institutional investors spend thousands of dollars every month on advanced platforms like Refinitiv Eikon and Bloomberg Terminal. In this article, we will assess some of the best cryptocurrency news platforms for traders. 


CoinDesk is one of the biggest cryptocurrency news platforms in the world. It was acquired by Digital Currency Group (DCG), a large company that has stakes in other firms in the industry like Abra, Acala Network, BitGo, Chainalysis, and Circle. 

Coindesk has an experienced team of financial analysts and reporters who deliver timely information on a daily basis. Unlike other cryptocurrency news companies, the company does not focus on volume. Instead, they publish detailed news pieces that will help traders make informed decisions.

Coindesk makes money through advertisements, detailed reports, and events. Its flagship event, known as Consensus, is one of the most prestigious events in the industry. It welcomes some of the best-known names in crypto. It also has a heavy roaster of sponsors, who include companies like Galaxy Digital, Tron, Fidelity, Near, Huobi, and Neo. 

Consensus sponsors

Coindesk is a good cryptocurrency news platform because of its detailed reports and the provision of breaking news on the industry.


CoinPricePredict is a leading cryptocurrency news and analysis website that attracts thousands of users every month, according to SimilarWeb. The website employs experienced cryptocurrency news and analysis writers from around the world.

It publishes news and analysis features on a daily basis that can help traders make informed decisions. Most articles on the site are original news, while the rest are mostly analytical pieces. These analysis articles seek to explain why the prices of cryptocurrencies are rising and then analyze what will happen in the short and long term. 


It also has another feature that lets people submit their predictions on top cryptocurrencies like Solana, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The goal is to help traders use this information to make informed decisions. Further, the website has a big educational page where the team publishes useful information about cryptocurrencies.

Like most cryptocurrency news websites, CoinPricePredict makes money through advertisements.


Decrypt is another cryptocurrency news website that delivers in-depth reports about the industry. The website covers some of the most important news stories about digital assets. In most cases, when a cryptocurrency goes parabolic or sinks, you will likely find its reasons by looking at the website.

Like Coindesk, Decrypt does not focus on having tens of articles every day. Instead, the team focuses on a small number of articles that they believe will add value to their readers. As shown below, the developers have created a page where users can see news per coin.

Decrypt news sorting

Decrypt has also started offering educational content in the cryptocurrency industry. For example, it has an explainer series where they explain what some currencies mean. 

Decrypt is available in English and in Spanish. The website makes money through advertisements, although the developers are considering launching a new ERC token as a way of diversifying its income. 


CoinMarketCap is a cryptocurrency website that is used by millions of people every month. The website, which is now owned by Binance, was initially started as a place where people could go and check the valuations of various coins. This is still the primary feature of this website and its mobile applications.

However, in the past few years, the website’s developers have added new features to the site. For example, it is one of the best places for cryptocurrency news. While the company does not publish news itself, it aggregates them from some of the leading cryptocurrency platforms. For example, in the chart below, you can see some of the news about Bitcoin that the website has compiled.

CoinMarketCap news

Therefore, CoinMarketCap is a good cryptocurrency news website for several reasons. First, it has a collection of over 18,000 digital currencies that it tracks. Therefore, you can easily find news on these coins. 

Second, the website has more features like a calendar and data on exchange inflows and outflows. As such, you can tell whether an exchange is seeing inflows and outflows easily. Third, the site has a calculator, converters, and airdrops.

The Block Crypto

The Block Crypto is another small but fast-growing cryptocurrency news website. The website publishes some of the best content in the industry. The authors have extensive sources in the community that provide them with top information about the upcoming launches and partnerships. They also use their experience to write well-researched pieces.

The Block has been growing, and as part of its growth strategy, the management has decided to enter the data field. The company provides in-depth on-chain data on several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Stablecoin supply

Some of the data it provides include value-locked, EVM blockchains, NFTs, and stablecoins. The good thing is that it offers these numbers for free. The chart above shows a sample of data on stablecoin supply.


CoinTelegraph is a fast-growing website that has millions of users every month. The website has a team of experienced analysts who regularly write on the latest price action in the sector. It combines both news and analysis sections.

There are several reasons why CoinTelegraph is a good crypto website. First, the writers publish content on a daily basis, which is a good thing, considering that cryptocurrencies are traded every day. Further, it has in-depth features on cryptos.

Final thoughts

There are other notable crypto news websites that we have not covered. Some of the most notable mentions are websites like U.Today, InvestingCube, and BanklessTimes. Also, some existing websites like Reuters and Bloomberg have cryptocurrency teams.


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