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Happy Fast Money Review

Happy Fast Money

Happy Fast Money uses the grid or hedge approach to generate big returns.  It works on 6 major currency pairs on the H1 timeframe based on the file configuration. Designed for use by traders of all experience levels, this is a fully automated software. 

How Happy Fast Money robot works

This ATS is developed by the Happy Forex company. Since 2016, the company has been creating FX trading tools that are received well by traders. Other noted products of the firm are Happy Neuron, Happy Frequency, Happy Martigrid, and more. 

As per the vendor, Happy Fast Money has the following competitive features that give it an edge over other products in the market:

  • It works 24/7 placing accurate orders using its effective approach.
  • Installation and use of the system is easy.
  • It supports ECN brokers.
  • The system trades on the MT4 platform.
  • The FX robot can automatically detect quotes of 4 or 5 digits.
  • It is 100% automated software that does not need manual intervention.
  • The EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURCHF, and USDCHF are the currency pairs it works on.
  • A timeframe of H1 is used by the FX EA.
  • You can use a mini, micro, or standard account.
  • The minimum deposit needed for using this FX EA is $5000.
  • For a micro account, the vendor recommends $5000 (0.01 lot).
  • For a mini account, the recommendation is $50,000 (0.1 lot).
  • For a standard account, the recommended amount is $500,000 (1 lot).

Applied strategies

According to the vendor, this system uses the grid or the hedge method on the currency pairs that cooperate. The robot opens transactions with limits set for buy and sell. A new limit implies that the transaction is executed if the price reaches the set limit. No backtesting results are present for this FX EA. Although traders rely on the backtests to assess the efficacy of the approach, it is a well-known fact that the results cannot predict a similar performance in the future.

Happy Fast Money trading results

The vendor provides live real trading results verified by the myfxbook site. Here is the real live USD account using the MT4 terminal and the leverage of 1:500.

Growth curve of Happy Fast Money on the Myfxbook site.
Trading stats of Happy Fast Money on the Myfxbook site.

From the above screenshots, the account shows a total gain of 73.01% with a daily profit of 0.20% and a monthly profit of 6.10%. A drawdown of 20.97% is present for the account that started in June 2021 with a deposit of $2000. The number of trades executed is 1320 with a profitability of 72% and a profit factor value of 1.66. Our analysis of the growth curve shows a steady growth of the account indicating a robust strategy and good performance. The consistent upward growth also shows good money management of the FX robot. From the trading history, we can see the lot size used is 0.01 which indicates a low-risk approach. For traders who prefer low risk and consistent returns, this EA is a good choice. It has shown steady monthly gains since it started in June 2021.

Pricing & refund

You can purchase this FX EA for €299, which includes 2 licenses, or €499,which includes 5 licenses. The package includes 9 additional EAs making up a total of 10 EAs of the company. A 30% discount is also present for the package. Other features you get with the package are a user guide, free upgrades, free updates, and an unlimited number of demo accounts. 

A 30-day money-back guarantee is present. The refund offer indicates that the vendor is confident of the good performance of the system. When compared to the price of competitor expert advisors, we find the price is very affordable. The reason is that you get 10 products for the price of a single robot and further, there are other perks like the discount offer and free indicator.

Other notes

User reviews for Happy Forexcompany on the Trustpilot site.

Unfortunately, we could not find user reviews for this FX robot on trusted review sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. However, we found feedback for the company on the Trustpilot site. There are 13 reviews with a rating of 4.5/5. The reviews indicate the products of the company are performing well and that users are satisfied with the results.


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