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Botsfolio Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Botsfolio Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Botsfolio is a platform where you can find potent crypto trading bots that can conduct trades on autopilot. According to the developer, the monthly profit is more than 10.95%. You can find the past results on the official website and the vendor claims that it takes no special knowledge to get started with the robot.

Botsfolio overview 

The parent company behind this platform is known as KribX Inc. This company is based in the USA, but we don’t know when it was founded. We don’t have any background information on the developers, so it is not possible to determine whether they have the required experience.

Botsfolio quick summary 

Let’s look at the key aspects of this automated trading system:

  • Crypto funds always remain in your exchange account
  • Risk management feature to minimize losses
  • Both long and short term strategies
  • No coding skills needed
  • Simple setup process
  • Top exchanges supported

What does Botsfolio offer?

There is no need to perform advanced configuration changes for the trading bots. They already come with professional investment strategies. This platform is not like an investment fund where there are restrictions regarding withdrawal. You can withdraw all your assets from your exchange account whenever you wish. 

All the robots are equipped with risk management intelligence. However, the developer has not elaborated on this feature. The user has to decide the risk level they are comfortable with, as well as their financial goals. There are different types of strategies available on this platform, such as Value Investing, Hedged Trading, Futures Trading, and Fixed Income. 

Value Investing is a moderately risky strategy that involves a one-time investment for the long term. For medium term profits, the Hedged strategy is more suitable. Futures Trading is a short term risky strategy involving a one-time investment. For the Fixed Income strategy, you need monthly investments. It is a low-risk strategy with a flexible investment horizon.

Botsfolio reputation

This platform has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 on Trustpilot based on 28 reviews. Several customers have talked about how the bots have improved their trading experience. So we can say that Botsfolio has a pretty decent reputation.

What crypto exchanges are supported?

Here is a list of supported exchanges:

  • Binance 
  • Coinbase Pro
  • FTX


The applicable pricing plan depends on portfolio value. For value of $1.0k-$3.0k, $3.0k-$10k, $10.0k-$50.0k, and $50.0k-$100.0k, the amounts are $4.75/month, $9.50/month, $14.25/month, and $19/month, respectively. Additionally, you need to pay a 15% quarterly performance fee on profits.

Security and privacy of Botsfolio 

Since the platform has no control over withdrawals and deposits, your crypto funds are safe even if someone gets access to your credentials.

Are traders happy with Botsfolio?

User reviews for Botsfolio on Trustpilot.

There are a few reviews for this platform on Trustpilot. Here, the users have praised the ease of usage and the intuitive interface. They have claimed that the bots deliver steady growth.

Profitability of Botsfolio

According to the recent trading history published on the website, the bots are capable of winning steady profits. 

Deposits, withdrawals and fees 

This platform only trades from your exchange. It doesn’t have permission to make deposits and withdrawals.

Advantages of Botsfolio 

Here are the advantages of this platform:

Multiple strategies

There are different types of strategies for different types of traders. You can find low-risk, high-risk, and moderate-risk strategies. This means, whatever your profit objectives are, you can find a strategy that suits you.

Easy setup process

The setup process is not complicated. You just need to answer a few questions to decide how to allocate the investment in various strategies. Next, you need to connect your exchange account to the platform. You can track your trading operations from the intuitive dashboard.

Affordable plans 

Even for those with a small portfolio, it is possible to conduct trades for a low monthly fee. This makes the platform suitable for new users.

Disadvantages of Botsfolio

Let’s look at the disadvantages:

Only a few supported exchanges 

Only three exchanges are supported, which might be a deal-breaker for some traders who store their assets on different exchanges.

No simulated trading environment 

Unlike some other platforms, this one doesn’t have a paper trading feature that lets you test strategies with virtual money.


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