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SV3 Trading Review

SV3 Trading

SV3 Trading is a Telegram based signals service that promises to provide traders with a 70-90% success rate.

SV3 Trading presentation

They claim they are the #1 signals service provider and a group of over 25K members is the main proof of the efficacy of their trading system. Yes, they have over 30K of subscribers, but all of them launched a free Telegram group, not VIP.

SV3 Trading Telegram group

In cases like this one, we always recommend traders to join a free group as a trial before joining a paid (VIP membership) one. Keep on reading this SV3 Trading review and you will find out whether the dev keeps his word.

How SV3 Trading Works

Their homepage includes a short description of their signals service, pricing details, the principle of work, testimonials, a short guide of how to start trading with SV3 Trading signals, a list of their partners, and direct links to their Instagram and Telegram channels. Most of the information we see on their website looks like marketing, trying to convince traders that they need their signals service. All they want to say us is how easy to access their signals are:

How SV3 Trading Works
How SV3 Trading Works

Of course, it is good, but if the devs want to compete with the best signals providers, they need to be more detailed and flush their ideas better.

The creators of this brand are ‘a group of profitable traders with several years of experience’:

SV3 Trading presentation

We have no reason to trust them, as no proof could back up their claims. They do not introduce any of their team members to the public. We also do not know where they are located. We’d like to know what trading experience they have in the Forex marketplace to trust them and be certain they know what they do.

The vendor highlights the main features, which as he/she thinks make SV3 Trading #1 in the Forex market:

  • The promise to provide the best signals based on the market analysis
  • The devs guarantee five to fifteen signals daily
  • The signals’ win rate is 70%-90%
  • Their VIP Telegram group counts over 1200 members
  • There’s a daily pips gained report
  • The devs also offer a 30-day free trial
  • There is a free Telegram channel with some free trading signals, daily results of VIP group, and educational content
  • Their traders apply various manual trading techniques to the markets
  • They promise to refund subscription money if they lose pips in one month
  • Traders can generate income from any part of the world
  • The vendor supports a high level of transparency, providing trading reports daily
  • They post tips and educational content on Instagram every day
  • The minimum deposit to start trading is €250. If traders choose brokers recommended by SV3 Trading group, then the minimum deposit will be €100
  • They recommend BDSWISS broker because it allows a 1:500 leverage, is 100% regulated and allows to withdraw money quickly

Applied Strategies

Although they share articles on their ‘Forex Blog’ page, they do not provide any proofs to back up their ideas. We recommend the devs to provide a detailed description of their trading strategy when placing deals. As in the case of a trading strategy, backtests are not represented on the website of the developer.

SV3 Trading Trading Results

Their Telegram channel has many reports that indicated how their trading ideas were closed. The recent report was provided on January 25, 2021:

SV3 Trading Trading Results

You can see that selling EURJPY has reached 15-pip take profit. Messages are delivered in English and Spanish. They provide daily reposts for every currency pair and its productivity.

SV3 Trading Trading Results
SV3 Trading Trading Results

From their reports, traders know what signals reached TP and SL levels and how many pips were reached. They also provide a weekly success rate. 

Pricing & Refund

SV3 Trading Pricing

Traders can either join their free Telegram channel or pay for VIP membership. There are 3 different options available for VIP members. Each of them provides the same services: 5-15 signals daily, up to 5K pips, personal support, daily pips recount and signals that are delivered from experienced traders. Packages differ in the length of the contract assigned by the trader: 1 month, 3 months, and a year membership. The last one is the most expensive package and costs €337/year. In comparison with monthly (€50) or 3 months (€97) subscription plans, this one includes a live trading breakdown and an advanced Forex course. Each package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In comparison with the other signals providers, the SV3 Trading pricing is lower than the mid-pack services cost.

SV3 Trading free trial

Sv3 Trading Reviews

Unfortunately, we have found no reviews of the SV3 Trading service anywhere. The one reviews we’ve found are those we found on the website. We do not trust them and consider the dev published them as a way to feign legitimacy.

Sv3 Trading Reviews


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