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Super Forex Bot Review

Super Forex Bot

Is Super Forex Bot a scammer?

Welcome back, the community! How are you doing? We’ve got Super Forex Bot with Smart System V.3 on the plate.

Super Forex Bot

The start of the presentation looks unprofessional. They couldn’t even connect a Youtube video to it. The robot is introduced as “The Best Software Expert Advisor (EA) Collection that will run the buying and selling transaction in the Forex market automatically, starting from its Buy/Sell analysis, Money Management to Close Profit Execution, all running automatically!”

Super Forex Bot chart

The video “BEST FOREX EXPERT ADVISOR (EA) 2020 – SMART SYSTEM EA | NO MARTINGALE!!!” on the site shows a process of backtesting a robot. As you can see from the PC data, it is not an adviser for 2020, because this backtest was about two years old.

Super Forex Bot vodeos

There are some two days o;d videos. The devs tried to hyped people and force them to buy it, showing fake profits.

 list of brokerage companies

There is a list of brokerage companies. Comparing these icons at the grey-black background is mocking on us. It’s completely unreadable. 

The robot’s features:

  • Supporting various brokers.
  • Best support.
  • Backtesting.
  • User manual.
  • Consistent profit.
  • Works with default settings.

And at this info, the presentation ends. From the FAQ, we’ve got: the minimum deposit should be $100, the robot works with other robots.

The other features that we could find in the offer section:

  • Money management system (take profit and stop loss).
  • Trailing stop feature.
  • Trading Hours feature.

Pricing & Refund

Super Forex Bot offer

Smart System V.3 costs $150. For this price, we’ll receive one real account license.

Super Forex Bot billing details

The checkout goes on the site. So, we have to share our data if them.

Super Forex Bot personal data

The devs tried to calm us down about the data.

Super Forex Bot Privacy Policy

Having checked the Privacy Policy page, we’ve found nothing. As well, there was nothing been told about a refund policy.

Is Super Forex Bot a scammer?


  • So unprofessional presentation
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No backtests provided
  • No 3rd-party verified trading results provided
  • No package content explanations provided
  • No people feedback provided
  • No refund policy provided
  • No safe checkout provided
Overall rating
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