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Pro Forex EA Review

Pro Forex EA
Pro Forex EA presentation

The presentation of Pro Forex EA started with a manipulation. We’re sure that half of these statements are a lie.

Pro Forex EA presentation

Having a VK page and not having FB one tells us that he mostly focuses on selling a robot for clients from Russia.

Pro Forex EA presentation

Why not? There’s no explanation. 

Pro Forex EA guarantee

As we can see, VPS is a must, so, it can mean only that this robot performs an arbitrage strategy.

The list of robot’s features:

  • The robot can bring in more than 250% annually.
  • Only recommended brokers.
  • EA remembers the upper and lower level, inside the zone.
  • Broker Full Control Module.
  • Profit protection feature.
  • Hidden SL and TP levels.
  • High spread protection.
  • High slippage protection.
  • Money management system.

“In the next step, inside the accumulation zone, EA creates a price markup and distribution, according to which the market maker most often makes deals. This is a very difficult stage. Data is not available for public access. We use our own algorithm, which is designed specifically for our strategy. Suddenly supply comes in plenty overwhelming the demand. The price starts at tumbling. The spreads dramatically widen. There is panic selling from investors. But the prices drop so rapidly and most of the investors and greenhorns that entered late never get a chance to offload their holdings.  But at this point, we are likely to be in the market and will be able to get a profit! And many other traders have just lost their money,” devs explained the strategy.

Pro Forex EA trading results

Pro Forex EA Trading results

There’s a gif where we can see his trading results for a month. According to a monthly profit, trading was with performing grid, martingale, or arbitrage strategies. The next twelve myfxbook widget tells us that trading has been stopped between 2017 and July 2019.

Pro Forex EA Myfxbook

Let’s take a look at the real USD account on Forex Club. The robot trades with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has been deposited for $1200. The monthly gain was 40.23% with 18.32% of the max drawdown.

Pro Forex EA advanced statistics

There have been traded 423 trades with 585.9 pips. The average win-rate was 86-87%. The profit factor was 2.87. The average trade length is 4 mins.

Pro Forex EA statistics

Pro Forex EA worked with six currency pairs. 

Pro Forex EA statistics

It opened trades mostly during a European trading session. 

Pro Forex EA statistics

Before the account was abandoned the risk level has been set to a minimum.

Pro Forex EA statistics

First of all, as you can see the robot trades without SL/TP levels. It’s May 2018 and trading with low risks.

Pro Forex EA statistics

And this is arbitrage trading during the last month in August 2018. Please, take a look at the lot size.

Pro Forex EA monthly gain

As a result, we can see the monthly gain like this.

Pricing & Refund

Pro Forex EA offer

The robot is presented in three packages. Standard MT4 costs $700 with -$200 OFF. It supports MT4 or MT5 accounts, four trading accounts, six currency pairs, support forum access, free updates, and no money-back guarantee. The ultimate package costs $1400 with -$600 OFF and includes supporting MT4 and MT5 accounts, 10 trading accounts, 26 currency pairs, a Hedge mode feature, online chat support, and a 7-day money-back guarantee. The premium package costs $1700 with -$2300 OFF. It includes 20 trading accounts, 37 symbols, and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

We can get refunds only if:

  • No longer for 7 days.
  • We used brokers only for the brokers.txt list.
  • We traded only with the VPS.

Is Pro Forex EA relevant or it’d be better to avoid?


  • Real and demo account trading results
  • Download free demo version


  • Fake strategy explanations
  • No setting explanations provided
  • All account has been stopped about a year ago
  • Hard to withdraw money after arbitrage trading
  • Work only with preselected brokers
  • The dev told nothing about the risk of the arbitrage trading
  • Insane price
  • Typical Russian marketing where no money-back guarantee for the standard package
  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee provided
  • Refund policy restrictions

Overall rating
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