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StrategyQuant X Review

StrategyQuant‌ ‌X

Are you looking for the best trading strategies to improve your trading? A platform that generates new trading approaches for you is a definite advantage. StrategyQuant X is a system that is designed to create, develop, and research the Algo trading strategies. It can work on any market condition and use any timeframe. Want to know more about this system? Our StrategyQuant X review provides a comprehensive analysis of this new system.

How StrategyQuant X Works

How StrategyQuant X Works

As a platform specializing in trading strategies, StrategyQuant X provides the tools that can help you set up your portfolio of winning strategies. The main features of this system include easy to use interface for strategy source generation, find multi-market and multi-TF strategies and test the robustness. Unique features of the system include custom templates, optimizer, improver, fuzzy logic, and more. 

According to the vendor, the system uses machine learning methods and genetic programming to create new automated trading systems. These systems suit any market such as Forex, equities, crypto, futures, etc., and any timeframe.

StrategyQuant s.r.o is a fintech software development company with headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.  It also has an office in Hong Kong. The company develops trading products that use machine learning and automated methods. In the ‘About Us’ section of the website, information on the developer team and customer support personnel is provided. 

Applied Strategies

Based on the vendor info, the system uses complex and advanced software that helps in generating robust strategies. A backtesting engine with real tick data, fully automated and customizable workflow, cluster analysis, addition of your building blocks and indicators to the StrategyQuant developed strategy are some of the features you get to use as part of this system. 

However, no backtests are provided by the vendor. Strategy reports are an important part of evaluating a system’s efficacy. The reports provide info on the strategy used, the performance elicited, and other details that help in making a proper evaluation. 

StrategyQuant X Trading Results

Although there are several example strategies shown on the official site, the results shown are not verified. We could not obtain any relevant information from these images. What we would prefer instead is proper trading results of live accounts verified by trusted sites such as Myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. 

The reason we look for verified results is that these provide significant info on the trading performance. We could find out about the drawdown percentage, gain, risk to reward ratio, trading history, lot sizes, and more. Without such info, it is difficult to evaluate a system and rank its performance.

StrategyQuant X Trading Results
StrategyQuant X Trading Results

Pricing & Refund

StrategyQuant X Pricing

Three price packages are offered namely Starter, Professional, and Ultimate packages costing $1290, $1190, and $2900 respectively.  While the starter has the basic features like a builder, retester, improver, etc., the professional package includes more advanced features and a valid license that covers EA Wizard and QuantAnalyzer Pro. With the Ultimate package, lifetime support and upgrades are offered. 

The price packages are very expensive despite the slew of features the system provides. Furthermore, the absence of performance results makes it even more difficult to rely on this system and spend such an expensive amount.  

Although a trial version is offered by the vendor, we still feel the system is overpriced. A money-back guarantee is not on offer as the vendor explains that it is because of the presence of the trial version.

Customer Reviews

We found several reviews from users on the official site. But since there are more chances of these being manipulated, we cannot take these reviews into account. However, we found a few reviews for this system on the Forexpeacearmy site. Here are the screenshots of the reviews.

StrategyQuant X Customer Reviews

From the above screenshots, it is clear that the system is not as well-developed as the makers would have us believe. But a few of the reviews speak positively about the features and the customer support.

Overall rating
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