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Robinhood FX EA Review

Robinhood FX EA

Robinhood FX EA is a Forex trading solution that is advertised as “One of the most profitable Forex robots” designed to work on the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The devs claim that the EA trades safely as it does not use Martingale. We are also told that the robot was “designed to cut losses early and allow good trades run to maximize gains”. In this Robinhood FX EA review, we will check the vendor’s claims and see whether we can trust them or not.

How Robinhood FX EA works

The presentation explains to us a bit of information about how the system functions and what we should expect from it running on our real account:

  • The advisor executes orders work on a terminal automatically.
  • We are allowed to do whatever we want.
  • The money-management is applied.
  • It doesn’t include Martingale.
  • The advisor knows how to cut out losses.
  • The devs claimed that “the real trading systems don’t have such a nice equity curve. They have their drawdown and stagnation.”
  • We should start to work with this system on a demo account to be sure we are safe.
  • It generates stable profits on a monthly basis.
  • The devs claimed the next features “Real Proper Capital Management and Specific and carefully calculated Trade Entries and exits.”
  • It makes calculations about lot sizes.
  • The advisor is featured by a broker spy module.
  • The system places right stop losses.
  • If the advisor checks market conditions and they are met with proper numbers, it places orders.
  • It can work under various market conditions.
  • The system uses automatic lot sizes.
  • We are free to work with any broker that we want.
  • It supports ECN, STP, Micro, or Cent accounts.
  • Magic numbers let us know where our deals are.
  • Default settings are good.
  • We can work on EURUSD.
  • It works on the H1 time frame.
  • The advisor requires $200 for each 0.01 lot size.
  • The system doesn’t require us to have any trading experience.

Applied strategies

  • The advisor may use a Grid of orders strategy.
  • It works with EURUSD.
  • The only time frame is H1.

The presentation doesn’t have backtest reports provided. It means that the system wasn’t properly tested because, as a rule, any robot design records include testing. We don’t know if the system handled past trading data well.

Robinhood FX EA trading results

Robinhood FX EA trading results.

We have verified trading results that allow us to know that the developers entrusted to the advisor some money. We are allowed to know how the system works on the current market conditions. The system has been running a real CNH account. The closed profit is $312.23. There are no deals placed on the market.

Robinhood FX EA statistics.

The total return is 103.6%. An average monthly gain is 40.4%. The win rate is 81.5%. The profit factor is 6.66. It was over 8 several days ago. An average trade frequency is 0.8 deals a day. The account has been working for 66 days.

Robinhood FX EA risks.

The system works with 2.51 of the RIO. The risk of ruin is 4.9%. An average trade length is 18.1 hours. An average result is $5.78. An average win is $8.35 when an average loss is -$5.51.  

Robinhood FX EA trading directions.

The robot closed 49 deals on the Buy direction and 6 on the Sell direction.

Robinhood FX EA weekly activities.

Wednesday is still ahead with 18 orders among other cross pairs in trading activity. Friday is the most profitable day with $134.92.

Robinhood FX EA daily trading activities.

It focuses on trading European and American trading sessions.

Robinhood FX EA monthly trading results.

The system increases trading activity in September 2021 compared with July and August 2021.

Robinhood FX EA closed orders.

The advisor places short-range Grids of three orders to close them in profits.

Pricing & refund

Robinhood FX EA pricing.

There are three packages provided. The Basic pack costs $127. We have a real account license and a demo account, with 24/5 support. The Regular pack costs $147. There are two real, and two demo accounts applied. The Business pack costs $167. There are three real and three demo accounts applied.

People feedback

Robinhood FX EA testimonials.

The developers created a page of Robinhood EA on Forex Peace Army. There was a single comment written that even didn’t form a rate.

Robinhood FX EA testimonials.

The testimonial is positive and faceless. We can’t trust it.

Overall rating
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