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MT Forex Indicator Review

MT Forex Indicator

MT Forex Indicator is trading software that checks the market for us to find trading opportunities. My EA Academy belongs to the Sinry Advice company. The devs warn us not to trade without confirmation.

How MT Forex Indicator works

We have united all useful information about the system and how it works: 

  • It’s a semi-automatic trading solution.
  • It can be used on the MT4 platform.
  • We can work with all pairs and symbols from a single one.
  • The signals aren’t repainted by the devs after providing. . 
  • It works the “best for scalping, day, and swing trading.”
  • We can expect that the possible win rate is approximately 86%. 
  • The advisor will never be sold once again. 
  • There are free updates provided. 
  • The system shows by arrows when “the market top and bottom price.”
  • The system traded current market trends. 
  • We have alert and email notifications implemented. 
  • We can trade on a single real and demo account. 
  • We have to download a user guide and follow the steps. 
  • “MT forex is programmed to analyze the Trend, Price Action strategies, high and lows of the charts and many more factors in order to give signals that made the MT Forex Indicator have above 86% verified accuracy in its signals.”
  • The devs claimed that they had over 4300 happy clients. It looks fake. 

Applied strategies

  • The system informs us about trading opportunities based on trends.
  • It works with all pairs and time frames. 

We have no backtest reports published about how the system worked on the past tick data. We don’t know if the win rate was high enough to work stable on the real market. 

MT Forex Indicator trading results

MT Forex Indicator screenshot of trading activities.

The presentation doesn’t have any widget about how the system works on the real or at least a demo account. Everyone, including the developers, knows that the system should be used in the real market. In the best case, there should be a real account that was deposited by devs. It’s important to understand that the developers risk their money as well. If the account grows, there are higher chances that we can repeat the seen success. Without all of this, we have to guess instead of analyzing what we see.

Pricing & refund

MT Forex Indicator pricing.

The system costs $39. The original price was $60. We can rely on a single real account license. The system is delivered with support and updates. 

People feedback

MT Forex Indicator testimonials.

The rate looks fake because it’s based on fake testimonials. We can’t trust them blindly. 

Other notes

It’s hard to trust a system that doesn’t have any sign of trading results. We know that devs wanted to skip this part of the presentation.


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