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M15 Signals Review

M15 Signals

M15 Signals is a company that provides Forex signals. The developers’ motto is: “Finance Your Future with powerful M15 Forex Signals. They claim that they provide profitable Forex and gold intraday signals on a 15 minutes chart. The presentation is short. We don’t know why the developers decided not to try to convince us with an extended presentation with everything explained.

How M15 Signals works

We decided to help you uniting all useful information about the system in the following list:

  • The system generates signals automatically for us.
  • The developers claimed they are” The most accurate and trustworthy forex signal provider.”
  • We can reach our trading goals following this service.
  • They are a team of experienced traders and stock market experts based in Singapore.
  • They offer profitable and low-cost signals.
  • There are over “100,000 happy traders.” It sounds like a pure scam.
  • The developers run the service for two years.
  • They have over 9 years of trading experience on the stock market.
  • They “decided to create an all-in-one solution and make our trading time interesting, profitable and easier than ever.”
  • There are short-term signals provided.
  • The signal frequency is 2-8 signals.
  • We can enjoy Telegram alerts.
  • They have approximately 90% accuracy.
  • We can get from 1500 to 3500 Pips per month.
  • Every signal has three take profits.
  • We don’t need to close them manually.
  • The signals are provided within Asian, European, and American trading sessions.
  • The signals unite information about currencies and Gold.
  • There’s risk management advice provided.
  • There are free and premium Telegram channels.
  • Most of the signals are sent during 08:00-19:00 (GMT).
  • They do all the hard work for us.
  • “Risk management in Forex Trading is very important for all Traders so, like no other Signals Provider, Our Analysts will give You recommendations & advice on managing risk.”

Applied strategies

  • We don’t know details about strategies, but most likely, there are price action or trend trading strategies.
  • We can work with all cross pairs plus Gold.
  • The signals are generated on the M15 time frame.

M15 Signals trading results

The presentation isn’t featured by backtest reports. It’s a huge con because the developers must have tested the system before being released and providing signals from it. Without the backtest report, we can’t predict how the advisor worked with the past data and from what broker it received the tick data.

M15 Signals results.

The devs tried to convince us that these fake numbers are something real and we have to trust them. We have no possible way to check these results without a verification site. Now, they can write any numbers. Why do trading results are such an important part of every service or advisor? There are several reasons. The first one is that the system should handle current market conditions. Second, we can check all possible information that we need to make a wise decision like win rate, gain, drawdowns, leverage, broker, average win and loss, trading length, and profit factor. Third, the developers must entrust some of their funds to make profits on a real account. 

Pricing & refund

M15 Signals pricing details.
M15 Signals packages.

We can use these signals for free, receiving from 2 to up to 5 alerts weekly. We have three premium packages. The one-month rent costs $60 monthly. The three-month rent costs $120. The half-a-year rent costs $190. The package includes, in addition to the mentioned before: 1500-3500 pips monthly.

People feedback

People feedback.

The presentation includes some fake and faceless testimonials. We are sure that we shouldn’t trust them until they are published on sites like Trustpilot or Forex Peace Army.

Other notes

We don’t know if the company works legally and was properly registered. It’s important to understand if we are safe in general or if we have to wait for a trick from them. We could skip this part if the devs provided us with relevant trading results.

Overall rating
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