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PZ Latency Arbitrage EA Review

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA has been designed by Arthur the trader. There have been totally designed 8 products. PZ Latency Arbitrage EA has got a 3.0 version.

“Latency arbitrage is a high-frequency trading strategy that allows traders to make instant profits by acting fast on opportunities presented by pricing inefficiencies between two brokers: it entails trading against the slowest broker knowing the future price in advance less than one second… This can be done because Metatrader brokers do not deliver quotes at exactly the same time, and it is common to find differences of 1-2 pips and 1-5 seconds between them. EA can trade against the slowest one knowing the future short-term price in advance.”

The list of EA’s features:

  • No indicators or hard analyze needed.
  • It can be run at any timeframe.
  • Zero-risk trading strategy.
  • Trailing stop feature.
  • It can trade 32 symbols.
  • It implements a customizable trading threshold.
  • The robot adapts to slippage and commissions.
  • SL and TP features.
  • The trading activity is NFA-FIFO Compliant.

The Latency Arbitrage EA only trades when the price difference is likely to cover the spread, commissions, and slippage.


The main goal is to find the fastest and slowest brokers pair.

The devs provide instruction on how to get started:

  • Create a demo account with Tickmill, Axitrader, or FXCM (Fast Broker).
  • Find a low-liquidity broker and create a demo/real account (Slow Broker).
  • Install the PZ Latency Arbitrage EA on both platforms and enable DLL Calls.
  • We have to open any symbol, as an example EUR/USD, and load the EA on both charts.
  • The Slow Broker will start taking EUR/USD trades based on price quotes from the Fast Broker.
PZ Latency Arbitrage EA

As a result, if slippage can be high. We have to increase the Trading Threshold parameter If slippage is over 2-3 pips for EUR/USD, we have to stop trading and find another broker.

We must never allow the slippage to be above the price trigger or the EA will constantly lose money.

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA

The EA has got the last update 5 years ago.

Also, we’ve checked his official social networks like Twitter. The last updates were in April 2019.

3rd-party verified trading results

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA Myfxbook

A screenshot from this account has been introduced as a real account result, but, first of all, it’s a demo one, and the second is, that it’s a demo one. 

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA Myfxbook

We’ve found out the real EUR one on VitalMarkets. This account showed impressive results, but all the info all closed from checking, so, probably the dev couldn’t successfully withdraw it. The total gain during several months was +11339%. The monthly gain was 2274%. The max drawdown was 75.9%.

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA advanced statistics

The robot traded 1953 trades with 1025 pips. The average win (5.82 pips) equals the average loss (-5.17 pips). The average win rate is 48-54%. The average trade length is 32 mins. The profit factor is good and equals 1.54. 

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA statistics

It traded almost every symbol.

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA statistics

The favorite time was when the European market was underway and the US one was opening. 

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA statistics

Monday is underdog day for trading.

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA statistics

EA ran, probably, with about 10-15% of the account risks.

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA statistics

Trades longed about 1-2 mins.

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA monthly gain

The history chapter is private, so, at least we’ve got charts. 

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA currencies popularity

April 2015 history looked like this. Most tradable symbols were: GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and USD/JPY.

The offer

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA offer

It costs $500. For this money, we’ll get a copy of a robot, free software updates (lol), and support. The dev provides a 7-day money-back guarantee.

PZ Latency Arbitrage EA offer

The dev provided a -50% OFF discount code.

PZ Latency Arbitrage payment methods

The are several payment methods that include VISA/MASTERCARD

PZ Latency Arbitrage payment methods

When we proceed with the order, there aren’t any card methods.

Is a 5-year-old PZ Latency Arbitrage EA still good?


  • 5-year old myfxbook-verified trading results
  • -50% OFF provided


  • Newbie unfriendly product
  • We have to choose brokers to pair by our won
  • Low level of transparency of trading results
  • Lack of real trading results during the last years.
  • Card payments were removed
  • Lack of people feedback
Overall rating
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