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Pipphenes Review


Is Pipphenes a good signal provider?

Pipphenes presentation

As soon as we reach a Pipphenes site we’re offended from every side. It seems like we got a bad casino “Win a prize”, “Spin the wheel”. What the heck? We’re not idiots! Please, stop treating us as ones.

Pipphenes presentation

There are several statements spin around in ta slider. They provide free FX Signals and Premium one, Education, Crypto, and more.

Pipphenes Pipphenes presentation

Premium Services allow us:

  • Be a part of 42000+ members.
  • Be around 1100 clients.
  • Receive signals.
  • Setups (?).
  • Receive updates.
  • Get Education materials.
  • Get Support.

The company runs seven Premium Telegram Channels. Signals & Updates sent straight to a smartphone. We’ll receive signals with Entry price, TP and SL levels, Pip Count, and Potential Opportunities. All signals can be taken within 24hrs of posting.

They have a team full of people who have over 29 years of trading various financial instruments. The team unites five full-time traders teams.

Pipphenes Telegram Channel
Pipphenes Telegram Channel

We tried to know more about these guys but the page doesn’t exist, so, no luck for us.

Pipphenes suggests us getting 85%+ win-rate of our trades, 5:1 risk-reward ration, 24/7 direct support. 

Onsite pictures of trading results

Pipphenes trading results

Is these guys don’t believe track recorded results on Myfxbook they 99.9% scammers.

Pipphenes trading results

After that, we see pictures like this where’s impossible to see something and where’s any sign that these results were reached trading their signals. It’s just a random screenshot of a random account.

Pipphenes trading results

It’s another picture. Idk, for what idiots they posted it. 

Pipphenes trading results

Take a look at this picture. First of all, it’s three years old. Secondly, there any sign traded deals were started after receiving signals from Pipphenes. There are 50+ pages of pictures like this and screenshots of chats.


Pipphenes Pricing

The first block of packages is about Signals and Telegram Access. For $100 we’ll get a monthly membership. Three months will cost $200. Half a year costs $350. $600 costs an annual one. For $800 we’ll get an everything included package. TCAM access costs $150 onetime payment.

The Educational section unites a 26 pages Free Guide, a 120-pages “Everything we need” course for $30. An 11-modules Full Pro Trader Master course that costs $50. $20 costs a Trend Trading e-book.

Pipphenes Crypto Trading

Premium Crypto Trading & Signals can be bought for $30 the rest is sold out.

Social Network Accounts

Pipphenes Social Network Accounts

It’s extremely rare to see when an official account follows more that people follow it.

The account is full of reposts instead of sharing some free signals or at least traded results of these signals. FB’s one has endless comments on offering financial services and financial consulting.

Summing up


  • Many services on board
  • Signals for Forex and Crypto traders
  • Many educational courses provided
  • Sales on courses are provided


  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No free signals provided
  • We know nothing about the team behind signals
  • Screenshots instead of 3rd-party verified trading results
  • Social Networks has no signals nor traded results
  • FB page is full of spam

Overall rating
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