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FX Premiere Review

FX Premiere Review

Is an FX Premiere signal provider good to follow?

Today we’d like to tell you about an FX Premiere signal provider. The presentation says that:

FX Premiere presentation

So, will we get access to over 50 signal sources and receive 15 signals per day.

FX Premiere

Let’s talk about features:

  • Telegram chat with over 50 signal sources.
  • Push notifications and other alarms.
  • 2-15 Daily signals.
  • Entry point, Take Profit, and Stop Loss Levels.
  • 1-3 targets per day.
  • 24/7 Live Support (but it’s not a 24/7 one. The live support works during workday Switzerland Time).
FX Premiere chart
  • Money Management Tips.
  • Weekly pips count.
  • Worldwide Delivery (?). Delivery of what? Cargo? It’s nonsense to write this.
  • Tips and Management Ideas.
FX Premiere history

The company made the way from funding to expand their network with at least +900 paid affiliates weekly. Anyway, there are no links on their account or accounts of signals generators. So, we have to trust as it is.

FX Premiere history

This screenshot shows us a 20-years old phone with Telegram message and BlueTooth on. It’s not only a single reason why this looks like a scam. This Telegram channel has got another logo and 15143 members.

FX Premiere members

Reality looks like this: 7545 members, another logo, and channel name. Also, we’d like to notice that Telegram is a messenger for drug dealers who want to be not disclosed.

As a result, the problem is that we never know who’s behind it.

It was extremely hard to find expectations from signals but we did it. We may rely on a 75% success rate and up to 5000 pips (monthly?).

FX Premiere presentation

Can we see any trading account to ensure this is true?

FX Premiere presentation

If we try to quit we’ve got a warning message that we have to join the channel for free signals.

Trustpilot feedback

FX Premiere feedback

They’ve got an account on Trustpilot with 674 reviews and a 4.6 rate.

FX Premiere feedback

It’s an average positive comment from a person who posted positive feedback about this signal provider for one year.

FX Premiere feedback

It’s a negative comment.

FX Premiere feedback

Now, we know a little bit more about signal providers and what strategies are behind them. So, it seems like they received signals and just reposted them without strong analyzing background.

FX Premiere feedback

People noticed that signals have poor quality and don’t meet expectations. 

FX Premiere feedback

It’s noticeable that after every negative comment there are many positive to push negative ones to the next page.

FX Premiere feedback

Here another schema: free signals for a positive review. Now, we know who these walls of comments show up in the same one or two days and this is another person who said that these signals’ quality was poor.

FX Premiere feedback

Here we go again. The person had experience in asking VIP’s results but after a conversation, he was deleted from the Telegram channel and blocked from the contacts.

FX Premiere feedback

The problem is that the signal provider showed the wrong trading results of the provided signals.

FX Premiere feedback

So, now we know for sure how that rate was rose.


FX Premiere Pricing

We have three subscription plans. The first one is Basic FX Signals and costs $57/monthly. It includes 2-15 daily signals and canceling anytime, The Standard FX signals package costs $130 for 4 months and in addition includes The Pro’s choice, more signals, 6-15 daily signals, free MT4 indicator worth $247. The Premium FX Signals package costs $500 annually 8-15 daily signals.

FX Premiere Pricing

Only gold signals cost $20 monthly. We’ll receive 1-5 daily gold signals, entry, stop loss, and take profit levels.

FX Premiere Pricing

They also sell MetaTrader 4/5 Indicator Template for $37 instead of $247.

FX Premiere payment

Admins require us to provide all card data including CVC. No, thanks.

FX Premiere payment

The same we’ve got when we proceeding with the checkout with Indicators but there’s PayPal.

Social network profiles

FX Premiere Social network

A Twitter account of them has got 57.5K followers and this is ok. We truly don’t know why they have 59.6K following. Who can check all that amount of data without going nuts? 

FX Premiere Twitter account

As well, people are interested in the results of trades in free access, but these posts have no answers.

FX Premiere Twitter account

This person kept losing money and had to stop using a card just in order to cancel the canceled subscription.

We scroll enough to see that these posts no one interested in. Almost all of them have no like nor reposts. So, these 57.5K followers are dead accounts.

FX Premiere about

A FB account has got much fewer followers. The average post has 1-3 like and no comments nor reposts.

Summing up


  • Free trial available
  • Three packages for every budget


  • No strategies provided
  • No trading results provided
  • No signal generators revealed
  • No team revealed
  • No CEO revealed
  • Messy presentation
  • A lot of fake comments on Trustpilot
  • Limited and rude support
  • Mid pricing
Overall rating
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