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WeTalkTrade Review


What the difference between free and Premium subscription of WeTalkTrade?

WeTalkTrade presentation

A start page of Wetalktrade looks like a trash can.

WeTalkTrade chart

The hidden chat mentions that we’re in a circus. 

WeTalkTrade SEO article

The start page filled with good-for-nothing SEO articles.

WeTalkTrade products

The company has five products on board. 

Free Live Forex Signals 

WeTalkTrade Free Live Forex Signals

The signals are featured by:

  • TP and SL levels provided.
  • Free and Premium memberships.
  • 85% signal accuracy rate.
  • 2000+ profit pips expectations.
  • Notification alerts.
  • 24×5 live support.
  • AppStore and Google Play application.

“Get a clear picture of what all trade signals have been posted with complete details about it. Also, now you can easily check between the currently active and the most recently closed signals.”

WeTalkTrade Pricing

The app has Economic Calendar to be up to date with the latest news.

We tried to find something about devs, traders behind this site, but this LinkedIn profile is everything we’ve got.

WeTalkTrade LinkedIn profile

And there are high chances that it’s a fake one.

People thoughts

WeTalkTrade app on Google Play

So, it’s a profile of the app on Google Play.

WeTalkTrade reviews

The average rate is 3.8/5 based on 1355 reviews.

There’s a user guide:

  • Sign up using your email id to start receiving our free Forex Signals Alerts
  • View currently open and recently closed trades
  • Forex Signals with higher success rates for a premium subscription
  • Configure your signal preferences for which you wish to be notified under settings
WeTalkTrade reviews

People tell that free signal accuracy was so far from told 80-85%.

WeTalkTrade reviews

Here’s another person who experienced using this app and have the same problem: win-rate. As he said there were 50/50, not 85/15. 

WeTalkTrade reviews

As we can see, the app tries to charge you even if you cancel a subscription, so, people have to change a bank card to rid of it.

WeTalkTrade reviews

And here we go again. Won trades don’t overtake lost ones. 

WeTalkTrade reviews

People also notice that app execution in providing signals is so slow.

WeTalkTrade reviews

According to likes on this post, we can notice that many people experienced the same during various periods.

WeTalkTrade reviews

And the last one, with many likes, will be about fake info about closed deals.

WeTalkTrade reviews

Appstore’s account has got a higher rate of 4.6/5 but there are 17 reviews. They don’t represent the real case about the product.

Premium subscription

WeTalkTrade pricing

There are two ways of using the app. The first one is free-to-go. The second costs $80/monthly. The price is high for the people’s feedback we have. If $30, it’ll be ok.

WeTalkTrade payment

If we want to buy a PC version there’s a problem that the site owner will know your card data including a CVC code.

Social Networks

WeTalkTrade Social Networks

We’ve got a Twitter account, with almost 2000 followers, that has been launched in January 2014.

WeTalkTrade location

FB’s one is located in Delaware, not in Los-Angeles, CA. The account has 12060 followers.

WeTalkTrade Instagram

An Instagram page the best across the platforms and has 25.4K followers.

Summing up


  • The application is available for free


  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No backtests provided
  • No trading results provided
  • People piss off of using a Premium subscription
  • Low win-rate on a Premium subscription
  • Signals come with lags
  • High price
  • Noname person(-s) behind the system
  • There are no persons revealed in About Us
Overall rating
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