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Hedge Forex Robot Review

hedge robot

Today’s review will be about a new robot called Hedge. It has been developed by the Forex Robot Trader team.

So, what do we know about a Hedge robot?

hedge robot

The robot has got results

but they are not proven. It’s just backtesting, 

hedge robot chart

How you can see from various screenshots on the presentation, the robot can easily find the best place to get in and get out of the trade. 

How Hedge Forex Robot Works

The forex robot provides checking time frames from the monthly one until it can find the first counter-trend. Let’s take a look at how devs explain the strategy. “As soon as the Robot finds a counter-trend as indicated by a red bar the program goes into “alert” status and waits for the first opportunity to enter the market immediately after a blue bar is formed. It is a fact that most traders get into the market AFTER they see the price moving the direction of the position they wish to trade,” they explained.

hedge robot chart

As a result, they prove the statements by this screenshot, showing how counter-trends are forming.

Hedge robot trading results

hedge robot trading results

How we can see from the chart, instead of real results we’ve got backtests where the fx robot lost not deals, and provide $57000 of monthly profit.

Pricing And Refunds

hedge robot pricing

The Hedge robot costs $90. Devs decided not to provide any information about what includes in the back beside the robot. 

Other notes

“* Results from backtesting are not indicative of future performance or success.” It’s a message for us from the site. They warned us that everything they showed to us isn’t connected to reality in any way. 

Overall rating
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