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Reaper Forex Robot Review

reaper robot

What’s up, community? Today we’d like you to read a review about Reaper robot produced by the ForexRobotTrader team. Let’s take a look at its presentation.

Reaper Robot is another EA designed by ForexRobotTrader. So, what’s different? 

reaper robot
reaper robot backtest results

As usual, devs try to introduce backtest results as a real one. If the forex robot truly has done $121K for the last 30 days I bet they never sell it.

reaper robot chart

There’s another Disneyland but this time in red colors, where they’d like to prove to us how clever the robot is. Reaper has been introduced like a completely-automated trading robot, 24/5 performing.

reaper robot currency pairs

The next both statements are fake. If Reaper was popular as that there would be a lot of real/demo account where it’s applied to check. Almost any fx robot is able to trade all currency pairs. The best of the best manage to handle 10-15 currency pairs, but usually, a robot is good for 3-5 currency pairs on one or both directions (sell/buy).

How Reaper Forex Robot Works

“Born From A Legendary System. Robotic bloodlines that trace back to the most reliable manual system ever made. Reaper trades daily price breakouts to find explosive trades,” devs said about strategy and patterns applied in the robot. According to their statement, Reaper looks for “hidden areas of support and resistance” to pick the best moment to open trade, because if the price reaches these numbers there’s a high chance that the price reverses.

The presentation tells us that there are, as usual, stop-loss and take profit systems. 

Reaper Robot Trading Results

As usual, the ForexRobotTrader team doesn’t provide us 3rd part proven results. Instead of this, we’re suggested by backtest performing.

reaper robot trading results
reaper robot trading results

The backtest screenshot shows us how with 0% of DD to get 138K profit. The average win-rate is 82% with an almost 8 profit factor.

Pricing And Refunds

Reaper costs $100 (50% off includes). For this money, we’ll get a robot and nothing else. There’s no good support, no money-back guarantee.

Other notes

reaper robot reviews

We’ve checked FB in order to understand how many people who wrote feedback doesn’t exist. Almost every other person can’t be found on FaceBook. It means these comments are fake. The “Helpful stats” tells us nothing too. Who decided that’s correct? How people can check it?

Overall rating
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