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Ganon Forex Robot Review

ganon forex robot review

We’ve prepared a review on Ganon Robot that has been developed by the Forex Robot Trader company. The company has got many fx robots in its case depends on the strategy the robot run. 

Every robot of them introduced by a word. This one is “powerful”. It means nothing, but it’s fun. 

ganon forex robot
ganon forex robot trading results

The next trading results send us to backtests.

How devs say Ganon was terrifying forex brokers everywhere. What’re Brokers? What’s the reason?

ganon forex robot chart

The picture shows that we can easily trade 276 pips fully-automatically, during being afk.

Ganon robot includes two modes of trading: hyper mode was developed for getting more trades; normal mode provides bigger trades. The forex robot allows us to work with any currency pair we want.

“But finding a reliable trend can be impossible through all of the noise on your forex charts. Over the last six years we’ve developed a brand new strategy that pinpoints the most reliable trends while avoiding noise and broker fake-outs,” devs said. It looks like another “we beat market” fake statement. 

How Ganon Forex Robot Works

Devs introduced the patterns applied in the robot. It’s got a New Strand Theory that allows to better understand signals and points when the best time to start on finish trade. 

Trading results

ganon forex robot results

Devs don’t provide any reliable results verified by myfxbook or fxblue providers. So, we’ve got just backtest. If results, as devs say “eye-popping”, where can we check them?

Pricing And Refunds

The robot has no packages but only one for $100. This one includes just a program and nothing else, as well as, the devs don’t provide a money-back guarantee.

Other notes

No one knows what this robot is in reality even Google. Googling for “Ganon Forex Robot” in order to read people’s comments you’ll find nothing.

It means the robot doesn’t apply on real accounts so people don’t share any data about its performances.

Overall rating
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