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Forex EA Trader Review

forex ea trader

The next fx robot in our review cycles will be Forex EA Trader. It’s a completely new robot, so people know little about it and we’re here to help.

forex ea trader

So, the presentation starts with nothing special just the statement that we are almost rich. 

forex ea trader start trading

Any luck to have a reason to get data about what country people from? How could this help?

forex ea trader presentation

The whole presentation includes several videos with average nothing viewed count. So, what are we suggested? The system provides stop-loss and take-profit features that allow us don’t lose more money than expected during lose trades and get as many pips as possible during successful trades. Forex EA Trader got the “Broker Spy Module” that called “a first of its kind”. Of course, it’s a lie. A lot of top forex robots we’ve reviewed provide this feature, but… it truly exists only on well-designed forex robots with proven account statistics, etc. It’s not the feature every dev can provide to his or her product. The feature allows you to control forex brokers to be sure they don’t play against you providing slow execution, high spreads, etc.

The system also includes the Broker Protection System that allows hiding from a brokerage company’s levels of stop-loss and take-profit features. The high spread protection system gives the defense against the broker’s attempts to broadened the spread above level acceptable to a trader.

Applied strategies 

As devs said, there were some of the algorithms applied to look for good opportunities to get in and out of trades. 

Forex EA Trader robot trading results

Do you remember? Ha!

“Do you have a key?” Second in command asked

“No! I have something better,” Captain Jack Sparrow answered.

“What? What! What?” The crew is going crazy.

“I have a draw of a key!”

Pirates of the Caribbean sea

forex ea trader trading results

Our case looks like that joke. We don’t even have backtests of the robot to check, we just get the final picture. So, we even aren’t sure the screenshot is about this robot and it wasn’t stolen. I don’t know who this screenshot was prepared for. People usually don’t so stupid.

Pricing And Refunds

Forex EA Trader is shared for free. We think, don’t you expect anything from the robot with s strategy no one knows that is free?

Other Notes

forex ea trader reviews

According to youtube videos from that “company”, they’re one year old. It’s impossible to 3x account for this period. All these comments are fake.

Overall rating
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