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HASMTF Forex Robot Review

hasmtf robot

Another forex robot for our next review has been a robot with a silly name HASMTF. It’s been developed by the Forex Robot Trader team. 

Let’s go to the devs site and check this robot chapter. 

hasmtf robot

After the picture of a fx robot and logo, we were attracted by the number of suggested profit. Checking links show us that this is only backtested results and nothing more. 

hasmtf robot chart

The presentation includes charts with captions that should explain HASMTF behavior. 

hasmtf robot chart

If these matches work as devs told, everyone will gain, but it’s not true.

It introduced us like a whole ready-to-go EA that can run any amount of currency pairs at the same time. All trading activities will be performed automatically. “Trading with our robot is like having a Forex master on your side. Our robot can trade any currency, commodity, stocks, and monitor all 8-time frames instantaneously!” devs said. So… we’re offered to buy “another” market owner robot.

hasmtf robot results

As you can see, there’s a sheet with backtest results. They’re impressive but have got nothing similar to real trading results.

Applied strategies 

Devs introduced a strategy which is based on MTF and HAS indicators: “It depicts the “Heiken Ashi Smoothed” (HAS) indicator (on top) and the “MTF HAS Bar Lower A” and “MTF HAS Bar Lower B” (at the bottom). This, of course, depicts an upward trend. The two MTF HAS Bar indicators actually overlap each other enabling the wicked color of the HAS indicator to be seen as a red dot in the middle of a blue square or a blue dot in the middle of a red square. The upper wick color always determines the color of the candlestick of the HAS indicator and the color of the MTF HAS Bars. The outside color of the MTF HAS Bar is the same as the wicked color. It should be pointed out that the HAS indicator not only shows the direction of the trend, blue for up and red for down but also shows the change in volatility.”

So, wick & body comparing lets us understand where te market goes and how many chances for the market to change direction.

HASMTF robot trading results

hasmtf robot trading results

There are no official trading results reviewed by 3rd part. We’ve got just backtests instead of proving data. Even these “results” of backtest look like the humiliation of us: there’ve been 521 deals traded without loss, 100% win-rate. 

Pricing And Refunds

HASMTF costs $100 (including 50% off). For this money, we’ll get a program and one big nothing. Devs provide no services like support, updating, refunding.

Other notes

It’s not the first robot from the Forex Robot Trader team that doesn’t have a live account to check how it really performs “multiple currency pairs”.

Overall rating
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