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Pattern Trader Pro Review

pattern trader pro

We’re here to introduce to you a brand-new review. This time it’ll be Pattern Trader Pro robot. Let’s check what we’ve got.

As soon as we enter the site there starts the video. At 3 sec of the video, we’ve heard the key shit phrase “we know how to beat the market” and a little bit later “95% traders trade wrong”. It’s standard statements of scummers. After this, we could finish this review giving the “F” rate to the robot.

pattern trader pro presentation
pattern trader pro presentation

The lie starts showing almost from the first page of the presentation. There are no proofs. just cut screenshots, so we even don’t know they belong to this forex robot or just have been stolen.

Some excitement fairy tales.

pattern trader pro myfxbook

And of course, there are screenshots one year old from an account no one knows.

pattern trader pro price

Excited shit, right? We need only $5000 to become a millionaire in two years. People can’t be so stupid.

pattern trader pro presentation

Just another wall of text about how great it’ll be.

pattern trader pro presentation

Now, we’re sure his target audience is idiots because any real trader doesn’t care what his wife if she exists spends her time.

Applied strategies 

pattern trader pro applied strategies

The strategies are based on pattern recognition. “When you combine the rules that I described a few minutes ago, plus trading the patterns, you’ll be able to trade in a way that gives you at least an 85% to 95% chance of winning,” he said another lie. even the best robots trade with the average win-rate 70-75%. 

Pattern Trader Pro robot trading results

The main account has been locked from checking by potential buyers.

pattern trader pro robot trading results

We’ve found an account which runs by a person who bought the robot.

pattern trader pro myfxbook

The account used FX Choice as a brokerage company and works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. So, during two months the robot ended with the 0.46% loss. 

pattern trader pro advanced statistics

The robot has run with the highest risk of loss, but couldn’t manage to be profitable.

pattern trader pro advanced statistics

Trading results look like that. There’ve been performed 107 trades (2840 pips). The long won rate is 50%, shorts one is 73%. It means that the robot has been badly-designed. The profit factor is 0.99.

pattern trader pro monthly gain

The marketing period for the fx robot ends in March 2019, so April and May 2019 went wise worst. 

pattern trader pro currencies popularity

It tried to trade almost all currency pairs but unsuccessful. 

Pricing And Refunds

The robot costs $400. It’s a huge amount of money for the robot. The seller provide the 60-day money-back guarantee.

pattern trader pro pricing

This sounds like a lie, because of the end of the page there’s U.S. Government Required Declaimer where’s written clearly that if we lose money it’s our fault.

pattern trader pro discount

If you’re pushed to buy it asap the seller is a scummer.

Other notes

Pattern Trader Pro is the 56 pages presentation with zero sense.


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