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FXAutoPips Review

FX Auto Pips Robot

The FXAutoPips robot has been designed inspired by a scalping strategy. But how the devs said that “it is actually not a scalper EA.” And after this statement, they kept explaining the robot trades night (scalping) hours, “waiting for the price to reach a certain range, which is calculated by our algorithms.”

So, it’s a scalper EA.

  • The robot fits every brokerage company
  • The minimum deposit is $26, trading with 0.01 lot size
  • USC/CAD currency pair
  • The EA doesn’t use a martingale strategy
  • It has got a loss recovery mode, in case StopLoss is reached
  • EA trades not so often
  • Can be used as a single EA on the account, as well as, with other EAs
  • NFA brokers allowed

How FXAutoPip Works

FX Auto Pips Robot strategies tester report

It’s a USD/CAD backtest that’s been performed on the M30 time frame, with every tick applied model. The initial deposit has been $1000. The total net profit equaled $2.16M. The profit factor has been 2.97 and maximal drawdown was 12.46%. The win-rate was high enough and equaled for short positions 71.37%, and 78.57% for longs.

FXAutoPips trading results

FX Auto Pips Robot Myfxbook

FXAutoPips run on the real USD account, with FXOpen as a brokerage company on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account is life for over two years. During the period, the robot has got +600.06% of the gain. The monthly gain is 9.86% and that’s high enough. Max drawdown has been 50.07%. 

FX Auto Pips Robot advanced statistics

The amount of performed trades equaled 87 with 856/1 pips. The average win ($85.87) is almost equaled the average loss (-$84.75). It’s a jolly good taking into account win-rates. The longs win-rate is 72%, for the shorts is 66%. The best trade ($600.39/153 pips) in $ and in pips in two times more by the amount than the worst trade (-$321.27/-80 pips). That can mean the money-management system works well. As a result, the profit factor is 2.38.

FX Auto Pips Robot statistics

EA trades only scalping hours.

FX Auto Pips Robot statistics

The most of wins have been on Monday. So, we’d suggest not to trade Fridays at all.

FX Auto Pips Robot tatistics

The forex robot runs with high risks, but with no leverage. 

FX Auto Pips Robot monthly gain
FX Auto Pips Robot monthly gain

Some of the months were well-traded, others didn’t.

The price

The robot costs $255.

For this money, we’ll get one “lifetime” license, user manual, free updates, and 24//7 friendly support. As well, the seller provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is FXAutoPips worth trying?


  • Well-explained strategy
  • Little deposit requirements to start
  • Recovery mode after loss
  • NFA brokers allowed
  • Backtests provided
  • Real account trading results
  • 2 years of the account life
  • Solid total and monthly gains
  • High “profit factor”
  • The average win equals the average loss
  • Selling through ForexStore
  • High rate on ForexStore
  • Cheap price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free support & updates provided


  • Lack of settings explanations
  • High level of drawdowns
  • Trading with high risks
  • Some of the months have been ended with huge losses
  • Trades only on scalping hours
  • Wise different win-rate for Monday and Friday trades
  • Cheap price
  • No demo accounts provided


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