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GOLD Scalper Pro Robot Review

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot

As usual, we’ve got a long and well-explained presentation from FXAutomater. The robot has been introduced as the best forex EA to trade XAU/USD. Shortly, the main idea looks like: “We have used the most proven trading principle since the markets exist – namely a position entry in the direction of a distinctive market impulse and the following correction. This principle has been proven rock solid since the markets exist and it has been widely exploited by the “Smart Money” traders. We know this because we have used this trading pattern more than 15 years in a different way in many trading systems and it just does not fail,” devs said. The EA doesn’t use in its trading the next strategies: grid, martingale, or others. 

How GOLD Scalper Pro Works

The list of introduced features:

  • The well-designed and simple trading logic
  • Highly effective exit algorithm
  • 24/5 trading without restrictions
  • Wise stop-loss and take-profit levels and optimal ATR based algorithm
  • Low drawdown trading
  • 14-years backtests
  • Advanced News Filter
  • Stealth mode of trading
  • Time management system
  • Push and Email notification feature
  • Friday exit system.

Money Management allows setting automatically risk/lot numbers. Advance news filter allows us to avoid trading during the most influential news and events. 

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot features

In order to make it work, we have to connect the MT4 terminal EA to request some data from the site. The time management system has been designed to let us choose what hour we’d like or not to trade. Friday exit system allows us to stop trades in Friday evening. The notification system works to inform us when and what results trades are started and closed. The system allows manual trading. So, there’s BUY and SELL buttons. If we’d like to start doing this our own. As well, there’s the info if there are bad conditions to do it manually.

The devs provided some of the recommendations before we launch the robot on the real account.

  • Testing GOLD Scalper Pro on a demo account
  • Setting well and wise the lot size amount
  • The lot size is 0.05 on 1k account balance or 0.5 lots on 10k account balance
  • Risk level may be set between 2% and 10%
  • M1 or M15 time frame trading is allowed

After that. the devs provide six pages of the EA’s setting with explanations.


GOLD Scalper Pro Robot Backtests

The average backtest looks like this. 

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot strategies tester report

It’s a 14-years backtest. The deposit has been $1000. The total net profit equaled 924K. The profit factor has been good and equaled 2.43. The max drawdown has been 8.85%. The average win-rate across trades has been between 84-86%.

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot strategies tester report
GOLD Scalper Pro Robot strategies tester report

There provided explanations about how to perform backtests on our own.

3rd part verified trading results

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot Myfxbook

We’ve got a demo USD account that works through IC Markets broker, with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has been funded at $1000 and deployed in August 2019. During the period, the robot provided almost +16% of the gain trading with low risks. The average monthly gain is +2.27%, the max drawdown has been just 3.55%.

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot advanced statistics

The robot has been performed 39 trades with 5646 (!) pips. The average win ($6.15) wise less than the average loss (-$10.15). The longs win-rate is 100% (!!) on 18 deals, the shorts is 76%. The profit factor is one of the highest across EAs and equaled 4.12.

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot statistics
GOLD Scalper Pro Robot statistics

The EA trades all day every day.

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot statistics

As we can see from the spreadsheet, the profit has been provided having traded with low risks.

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot duration

If trades long during 7+ hours there are higher chances that they’ll be closed with loss.

GOLD Scalper Pro Robot monthly gain
GOLD Scalper Pro Robot monthly gain

The robot is truly able to provide little profit trading with little DDs and risks.


GOLD Scalper Pro Robot pricing

The robot costs very little $100. There’s just one package of it. So, buying it we’ll get one real account, three demo ones, 24/7 support, and, as usual, a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is GOLD Scalper Pro that good as the other robots of FXAutomater?


  • FXAutomater as a dev team
  • Strategy explained
  • Features explained
  • Settings explained
  • Backtests provided
  • How to do backtests on your own provided
  • 3rd part verified trading results provided
  • Extremely high win-rate
  • Extremely high “profit factor”
  • Stable and predictable profit with low DDs, trading with low risks
  • Money management system
  • Time management system
  • News Filters
  • Cheap price
  • 24/7 support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Demo account trading results
  • Little days the robot is life
  • The average win is almost two times less than the loss.
  • Cheap price


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