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Best Forex Traders To Follow

Best Forex Traders To Follow

Twitter is an endless source of valuable ideas that you can use in Forex trading.

Discussing financial news and trends on Twitter is one of the most severe and representative sources of information these days. Due to the liveliness and responsiveness of the resource, Twitter users have lots of advantages. They have the latest data, and are ready to relay them in real-time! Accounts, financial analysts, and traders are a chance to learn invaluable information. The format of social networks allows you to get short guides to action and valuable tips for all traders.

Remember, We Grow in Community

Twitter and other social networks are great for sharing news, thoughts, and personal trading tips. It is a great tool to learn a lot. Many Forex traders lead their Twitter page and share information on various investments or market news. Beginners and experienced traders can learn a lot while reading this type of news. The main feature is that many years of experience are compressed to the size of one tweet and transmitted to you for free.

It is a unique opportunity worth using to improve your trading. Many people on social networks publish short comments. Here they give their expert opinions on the exchange rate, the Forex market as a whole, and various currency pairs. Also, here you can find specific forecasts for short-term transactions or long-term investment views. In any case, here, you can find new solutions that can be applied in your strategy.

Top 10 Forex Traders on Twitter you should Follow



Mark Messier is the trader and founder of BioRunUp.com. Regularly uploads a review of the Forex market and gives trading recommendations. Here you will find a detailed analysis of specific trading strategies and investment methods. All his ideas are well planned and clearly substantiated. Use his advice for various financial activities.



Ivaylo Ivanov is a swing trader with over 11 years of trading experience, specializing in stocks and Forex trading. It takes into account both short-term and long-term movements in its strategy. His activity is connected with the fundamental analysis of various approaches. Here you will find interesting ideas and tips for beginners. Experienced traders will also be able to find a lot of useful information and tips.



Nathan Michaud is an active day trader, trades news stocks, monitors the activity of a particular sector, and selects the most suitable stocks for trading, writes his opinion on the selected stocks before the market opens. Here you will find many fresh ideas and a non-standard approach to the analysis of the Forex market.



Urban Carmel has a long career in the financial markets, writes one of the most exciting blogs, works hard, and pays attention to market research. It uses both technical analysis and macroeconomic data analysis. Its subscribers are often grateful for new approaches to market analysis. It is one of the most interesting traders who can succinctly describe the current market activity.



It’s a personal page of the most popular technical trader, Brian Shannon. He has his review of the American stock market, great ideas for trading. Every Saturday, Brian Shannon publishes his review on major US indices (S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Russell) and major stocks such as Apple, Facebook. He also gives a forecast for next week; most recently, the number of its subscribers has exceeded 100,000.



Scott Redler is another bright supporter of those analyses and market psychology. Scott Redler looks at important market levels and makes trading decisions based on these levels. He also trades highly volatile stocks and indices; striking examples are Amazon, Netflix. His advice is more suitable for experienced traders, but beginners can also find useful information. It is one of the best options for getting insiders.



Howard Lindzon is a founder of the StockTwits social network writes a lot: thoughts about the most active promotions are exchanged publicly with other traders. Makes reposts of very valuable material from the vastness of StockTwits, such as a selection of books or articles on the topic of investment psychology, popular mistakes, and a lot of interesting material, he reposts these collections under the hashtag #STUDY.



Adam Grimes is a faithful supporter of technical analysis. For many years of trading Grimes has developed an unusual approach to the market. He has many technical tools for market analysis, backed up by statistical data, and uses what works and time-tested – important trading levels.



Rahul Sharma is a guy from Singapore who trades only stocks from the Retail sector, as a result of concentration on one industry, he allows him to elaborate on each idea in detail. He writes quite often and publishes interesting trading recommendations and thoughts on the market. I liked his posts during the reports of Apple and Facebook when he noticed important levels that many did not see.



Brett Steenbarger is a famous psychologist who works with hedge fund traders and simultaneously trades on his own, specializes in trading futures contracts on the S&P 500 index. He writes every day before the market opens, and he is also an author on Forbes and publishes exciting articles on the subject of investment decision-making.

The bottom line

Twitter and other social networks can be an excellent source for you to learn new strategies and get valuable information for Forex trading. Closely follow the tips and messages of popular people. It can help you create your strategy and find out a lot of exciting information. In any case, you will not pay a cent for this, but you can get invaluable data.


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