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FXAdept Review


In this review, we will tell you about a trading robot that specializes in the USD/JPY pair trading and called Fxadept.

The robot doesn’t use martingale, scalping strategy and gridding.

How FXAdept EA Works

How about the product’s features? “The  EA doesn’t use Martingale. In some cases that makes the system more reliable, and gives a possibility to use a smaller leverage and deposit. This robot doesn’t use scalping, which makes it reliable and allows it to work equally well on any forex broker. Orders are usually staying in the Market for at least a couple of hours and have TakeProfit up to 100 pips (4-digit). FXAdept does not use the principle of the order grid. That means that the Forex EA does not collect orders, waiting for the Market to move in the right direction, which reduces the possible drawdown,” they’ve said.

The robot starts working from $100 deposit, with any broker, and any leverage can be applied. 

Applied strategies 

The devs said that they have been able to find some patterns to open trades according to where the market goes. The strategy is based on the RSI indicator. How the devs said: “We find long flat periods according to RSI when the price is inside the corridor of the boundaries of RSI indicator, and at their breakdown, we understand that the trend begins. Carefully selected settings and additional filters allow us to open profitable trades with a high probability in the direction of the trend.”

The system allows getting in the points before the market goes in the right direction. Even if the market didn’t go the system would close the trades asap with little loss. 

The back-test report shows the next.

fxadept strategy tester report

It was tested on the USD/JPY currency pair, with 90 risk. The account grew from $10K to $42.6M. There have been performed 794 trades with a 60% win rate on the shorts and 60% on the longs. The profit factor was 1.98.

FXAdept trading results

fxadept myfxbook

The forex robot has been deployed on the real USD account with FXOpen as a brokerage company, with no leverage, and on the MetaTrader 4 platform. During the years, account gains +365%. The robot shows 0.21% of days, and 6.5% of the monthly gain with high drawdowns.

fxadept myfxbook

The 2019 year wasn’t so successful for the robot as the previous one. The annual gain is +34.3% (-175% comparing with 2018). The profit halved and equals $1189 (-$1158 from 2018).

fxadept statistics

FXAdept did 302 trades (3076 pips) where 55% of them were successful. The average trade length is 3 days, profit factor 1.77, longs won is 53%, shorts 56%.

fxadept statistics

The period (December 2017 – March 2018) of starting selling the robot is wise better than the next months

fxadept monthly analytics

In the 2019 year, EA shows completely unpredictable results.

fxadept monthly analytics

Some moths have been finished with lost, the other ones with huge gains,

Pricing And Refunds

Today $228 price includes $41 OFF. 

For this money will get one real account, any numbers of dome ones, detailed manual and 24/7 support.

Other notes

The seller provides a 30-days full money-back guarantee. If a drawdown in the balance of your account is more than 35%, a refund will be initiated immediately, on condition that you use our recommended settings.


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