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FXStabilizer Review


We would like to suggest a review of the FXStabilizer trading robot. This is a well-known product for automated trading.

From a short description of the product, it becomes clear a reason to separate it into two versions. The ultimate version provides the forex robot that manages to trade 6 currencies, uses hard drawdown control, and includes two trading modes: one with high risks and high returns, and the second with low risks and stable income. The main pairs are EUR/USD and AUD/USD and they can be run in stable/turbo modes, the rest four (EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, CHF/JPY) don’t have mode switching. 

The pro version runs 8 currency pairs. The mane pairs remain the same, the off-pairs also include EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF. The version has no restrictions and allows us to customize other parameters.

How FXStabilizer Works

The robot has been developed to share a smooth and profitable trade experience with all. FXStabilizer can get stable profit without huge losses and long drawdowns, The devs prove us in this telling that the robot has been performing well since 2015. Forex EA manages to find the best point to start or close trades. The stop-loss system completely secures the account and doesn’t allow you to lose over the risk you can handle. How the devs said: “However the practice shows that there weren’t such cases since 1997 (AUDUSD). FxStabilizer is very accurate and for all working time hasn’t mistaken”. Everything the average trader needs is installing the robot and choose the mode to trade.

Applied strategies 

The devs provide some reports of strategy back-testing.

fxstabilizer strategies

This one is EUR/USD. The account has been funded by $10K and during the backtest period the robot got $177K of the net profit. Parameters are risk limit 35, fixed lot 0.01. There have been performed 1849 trades where the shorts winning rate is 61%, the longs 57%.

fxstabilizer strategies

This back-test has been run on the AUD/USD currency pair. Starting with $10000 of funds, the robot could raise it to $2.25M. The profit factor was 2.08. 7115 total trades were closed. The short positions’ win rate is 69.40% longs 70.83%.

FXStabilizer trading results

We’re going to take a look at the real data from myfxbook.

fxstabilizer myfxbook

So, what we got? It’s the real USD account that uses FXOpen as a brokerage company and works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The robot gives 0.26% of daily and 8.42% of the monthly gain. The account has been funded almost two years ago in April 2018, for $1000 and grows to $4818.

fxstabilizer myfxbook

How you can see from the sheet, something goes wrong with FXStabilizer, because on the turbo mode annual gain goes down to +65% (-125% loss comparing to the 2018 year). The amount of pips goes down as well to an equals 560 (-411 comparing to the 2018 year).

fxstabilizer statistics

During the period 133 trades have been run (62% win rate). Longs won 52% and shorts won 71%. The average trade length is 6 days, profit factor 2.18.

fxstabilizer monthly analytics

As usual, when a robot has been started selling it ran very-well, just take a look at May-August 2018 gain.

fxstabilizer monthly analytics

The last three months of November has been almost the worst since the launch. There has been only December 2018 gain like these and equaled 1%. 

fxstabilizer statistics

The account runs with high risk and very high drawdowns (66%) and still can’t manage to set at a good amount of monthly gain. Our expectation is higher for the turbo mode than the robot is able to show.

The second real USD account runs in the “safe” mode with Blackwell Global as a brokerage company, Leverage 1:100 and on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

fxstabilizer myfxbook

The balance has been grown slowly but surely, but there’s a huge loss in July 2019. The account has been halved. Its owner has been lost 30 months of its performing. It shows us stop-loss and money management doesn’t work properly. The durable trading option has been introduced to us as a very safe way to trade, kind of you get little but stable. We see it’s not true.

fxstabilizer monthly analytics
fxstabilizer monthly analytics

If we comparing average gain in 2018 and 2019 we’ll see that the monthly gain is almost halved too.

Pricing And Refunds

fxstabilizer pricing

The main FXStabilizer programs cost $539 and $739.

fxstabilizer pricing

As well, we’re offered to buy a robot with one applied currency pair (UAD/USD or EUR/USD) for $295.

Other notes

Devs provide 30 days full money-back guarantee. We just aren’t sure about this statement: “If our forex software failed on your account just let us know and we will send you all your money!” All your money means account funds or just the payment for the robot.

Overall rating
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