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Easy Walker FX Review

easy walker fx

The official site welcomes us with a slider and a one-page presentation and some links on back-tests and real data of its performing. 

How Easy Walker FX Works

The forex robot is a night multi-pair scalper EA that trades during Asian session when market activity is minimal. EA uses the system that performs strategies for entering trades, getting profit and smooth closing trades. Easy Walker uses renko filters to make a decision about the best entry and leave points. 

Applied strategies 

easy walker fx strategy

Easy Walker ran some back-tests. There’s one of them. It traded EUR/GBP currency pair with max risk = 30. The profit factor was 2.8 There’ve been performed 956 trades when 781 has been won. Drawdowns were about 27%.

Easy Walker FX trading results

We’re suggested to check many accounts. Most of them stop performing in 2015. The last three got two accounts with completely unavailable data like:

easy walker fx myfxbook

As you can see from the chart, the fx robot can easily halve your account like in period between the end of December 2018 and April 2019 when the account has gone from +537% of the gain to 391%.

Let’s check the last one with open data.

easy walker fx myfxbook

The account has been launched in February 2014. During the period it got +271% of the gain. The average daily gain is 0.06%, the monthly gain is 1.87%. Drawdowns are high enough (40%).

easy walker fx myfxbook

In 2019, Easy Walker FX lost and keeps losing money (-11.62% of the account), so… no profit for the robot owners.

easy walker fx statistics

During the five-year period, the robot has been completed 5489 trades (6627 pips) with 79% win-rate. The average trade length is almost 3 hours, the robot trades between 23 p.m. and 1 a.m. The profit factor is low and equals 1.1.

easy walker fx monthly analytics

As you can see from the chart, they’re monthly results in the 2019 year. Do you need a robot that runs like that? We don’t.

Pricing And Refunds

The robot costs $349 that is high enough for -11.62% of the account gain in the 2019 year, doesn’t it?

easy walker fx price

Other notes

Sellers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overall rating
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