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FX Hunter Wealth Review

FX Hunter Wealth

FX Hunter Wealth is a Forex signals provider that supplies users with institutional swing signals with order flow and COT included. This system concentrates on the best trading occasions and employs an automated risk management system. But in order to assess the profitability of the signals provided by FX Hunter Wealth, a detailed analysis of all of its aspects is absolutely necessary.

How FX Hunter Wealth EA Works

On the official website of FX Hunter Wealth, we are provided with a neat presentation of the pricing plans and the main features. Video guides are provided for software installation and Commitment of Traders (COT) reports. We also have some information on the fund manager and the recommended broker. There is a contact form where you can drop a message to the service team after providing your name, email address, interest, and country of residence. 

The fund manager of FX Hunter Wealth is a person going by the name of Dave FX Hunter, who has years of experience in the Forex market. He worked for a leading Forex broker in the past and it is here that he started to develop his own trading techniques. Currently, he is a licensed trader who develops trading processes and tools in order to help others. 

Every signal provided by FX Hunter Wealth comes with its own risk, target, stop, and entry. An update is performed thrice a day and users can easily get the signals via the Telegram app. The advanced tools developed by the vendor allow the system to completely visualize retail positions, banks, and institutional levels. 

This Forex signals provider monitors the best players in the market, using the functions and filters that help them succeed. A weekly forecast is provided by the vendor in video format that helps users understand the reports.

Applied Strategies

Nowhere on the website does the vendor disclose what strategies are used by FX Hunter Wealth. We expected to find something about how the system differentiates between signals and filters out the ones that are not profitable. The absence of strategy insight might be a deterrent for potential investors since they often wish to delve deep into the strategy in order to gauge the system’s profitability.

No backtesting data is provided by the vendor which is quite disappointing. From backtesting data, we get to know several key parameters like win percentage, relative drawdown, profit factor, etc. and it is difficult to complete our assessment of the system in its absence. 

FX Hunter Wealth Trading Results

FX Hunter Wealth Myfxbook

On the official website, the vendor has provided the link to a live trading account that has been verified by Myfxbook. This account has been active since 3rd February 2020, and in this time, it has placed a total of 2498 trades. Out of this, it has managed to win 1648, which represents profitability of 66%. It has won 64% of long trades and 67% of short trades win the average win being 50.26 pips/$292.62. 

Using a leverage of 1:500, this trading account has daily and monthly gains of 0.06% and 1.87%, respectively. It has a low drawdown of 11.16%, which is quite impressive since most Forex automated systems have higher drawdowns. To date, it has generated a profit of $67891.95 from deposits of $575,782.21, and this represents a time-weighted return of 28.62%.

The profit factor of this system is currently 1.16, which makes us think that it’s quite reliable. Although the trading history has been hidden, we can gather that FX Hunter Wealth closes most trades in profit. 

Pricing and Refund

FX Hunter Wealth has four different pricing plans for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly periods, and these are priced at 49 Euros, 129 Euros, 229 Euros, and 399 Euros, respectively. The plans are not exactly cheap, and no money-back guarantee is provided by the vendor, which raises a serious red flag. Most reputable vendors provide these guarantees which make a trader feel more confident about investing in a system.

Customer Reviews

FX Hunter Wealth Customer Reviews

After consulting several websites, we came upon some customer reviews for FX Hunter Wealth on the Forex Peace Army website. Most of them seem to be positive, and the users have praised the detailed analysis conducted by the system, as well as the risk and position management features. It seems the vendor strives to provide the latest market information to the users and that they have benefited from it.


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