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Forex Progress Bot Review

Forex Progress Bot

We’d like you to read a review of another scam robot called Progress Bot. The presentation was designed in a casino-style to catch the attention of those who think Forex trading is a casino. Any professional who sees this will close this site immediately.

Forex Progress Bot presentation
Forex Progress Bot presentation

We’d like you to notice that this is a fake person. She doesn’t exist. It’s just a picture from the stock. 

How Forex Progress Bot Works

  • The system works fully-automatically.
  • There’s an exclusive and powerful algorithm. It would be a lie if it wasn’t explained.
  • The robot trades highly accurately. It’s a lie because there are no trading results to check.
  • The system trades, having Trailing Stop Loss on every trade.
  • It sets Stop Loss for every deal.
  • It works with all currency pairs.
  • We can run it on the M5, M15, and M30 time frames.
Forex Progress Bot team
  • There’s a team of no-names. Probably, they are fake people too. If not, they’d have a profile on MQL5 or Facebook. 
  • The team has an 8-year “niche” experience.
  • There’s friendly, 24/7 support.
Forex Progress Bot advice
  • Instead of simple advice, we have this useless SEO wording. Newbies don’t know how to do these steps. The vendor must advise. Was it hard to write IC Markets, FX Open, FXChoice, and Roboforex? No. It tells much about the developer’s professionalism. 

Applied Strategies

There’s nothing about the strategy behind the system. We know only if the calculated success rate is over 75%, the EA uses 1.3x Martingale to increase Lot Sizes. We couldn’t find any sign or backtests. It warns us because we can’t be sure that she is a real developer and owner of Forex Progress Bot.

Forex Progress Bot Trading Results

Forex Progress Bot Trading Results
Forex Progress Bot Trading Results

Everything we have is just these photoshopped pictures. As we can see, there is no software attached to the chart (top-left and top-right corners). All these profits are fake – they’re photoshopped and didn’t exist. 

Forex Progress Bot Trading Results

She wants us to trust these numbers blindly without any proof of them.

Pricing & Refund

Forex Progress Bot Pricing

There are several offers. This one costs $99 for a copy of Forex Progress Bot.

Forex Progress Bot Pricing

The pack of Forex Progress Bot and Forex Progress Bot Ultimate costs $228. Both packages have a 70% discount. They have in common an automated robot, remote assistance option (it’s unclear), Trailing and Stop Loss features. The unlimited pack has a Martingale feature, Unlimited success rate (what’s this? it’s an iconic scam), weak trades filter (what’s this? where can we read about this feature?), and once again, remote assistance option.

Forex Progress Bot money back guarantee

There’s a hand-written 30-day money-back guarantee.

People feedback

Forex Progress Bot People feedback

The presentation includes the same scam testimonials as another scam vendor called Karl Dittmann provides.

Forex Progress Bot account on Instagram

This is a fake account on Instagram. Have you ever seen a lady who has no pictures on Instagram? As for the professional account, there’s no useful info at all. There have been six posts for the last several months.

Forex Progress Bot Twitter page

The Twitter page is a scam too. 

Forex Progress Bot post

The last post was published fourteen months ago.

Overall rating
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