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Edge Trading Review

Edge Trading

Today’s review will be about the Edge Trading firm that delivers Premium Forex Signals. The service is introduced as “Trading At Your Fingertips.” The signals can provide extra income from anywhere in the world. Let’s figure out whenever we can trust these claims or no.

Edge Trading presentation

How Edge Trading Works

The service has some features that we want to talk about:

  • The developers named themself as a team with “25-year experience.” It sounds not quite right because there’s any link on someone’s social network profiles. 
  • The signals provide stable and sensible incomes.
  • They fit any broker.
  • The signal frequency is 2-5 signals daily.
  • The developer noticed that we could expect to gain over 1500 pips monthly.
  • The win-rate is up to 83% for signals.
  • There’s a VIP Telegram channel for paid members.
  • Signals are delivered via notifications.
  • We have to manually trade the signals on our platform.
  • The service unites over 2000 premium members.
  • There’s 24/7 welcome support.

Applied Strategies

We don’t know anything about the strategy or strategies behind the system. Most likely is another trend strategy signal, because trend signals are the easiest signal to spot and deliver. If a trend is strong there’ll be enough time to execute an order.

Edge Trading Trading Results

Edge Trading Trading Results
Edge Trading Trading Results

The vendor provides these two charts with some data behind them. They’re not clickable and have no link to the trading results. Second, as we can see, the information was stopped updating several months ago. We don’t know what happened to them, or this service can be just abandoned.

Edge Trading Trading Results

We have no chance to check this statement, but we’d like to notice that trading with 0.1 Lot Size requires at least a $1000 deposit. Sometimes, even $2000 or $3000. So, the developers suggest we trade with the high risk to get these profits. It can not fit the conservative traders’ expectations. We wouldn’t suggest trading any unknown signals with increased risk to the account balance.

Pricing & Refund

Edge Trading registration

To complete registration, we have to provide all information about ourselves. It’s weird and over informed as for a signal service.

Edge Trading payment

We have to share with them our paying card data. In our eyes, their site doesn’t look trustworthy. We can’t be sure about the security provided card and personal information.

Edge Trading price

The offer costs 29.90 GBP (originally 49.90 GBP). Ninety-two percent of the customers keep using the service after the first month. After purchasing, we’ll get access to the signals and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Edge Trading package

The pack is featured by two Take Profit levels for each trade, a monthly pip counter, a 24/7 welcome, and knowledgeable customer support, and a beginner’s pack (?).

People feedback

Edge Trading People feedback

The presentation is featured by positive testimonials based on 367 reviews.

Edge Trading People feedback

These reviews are fake because they don’t double on Forex Peace Army or Trustpilot. Usually, people write something about gained pips, win-rate, account gain, trading frequency. There’s nothing like that. This service is just several months old, but Dan Mason wrote that he had used it for over one year.

Overall rating
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