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Forex Heist EA Review

Forex Heist EA

Today’s robot is Forex Heist EA. The presentation of it is short and simple. So, let’s take a look at it.

Forex Heist EA presentation

Reading this, we’ve noticed that it was written for the newbies who have zero knowledge of what the Forex market is. 

The robot features:

  • Fully-automated trading.
  • Zero price fluctuations.
  • Money-management features.
  • EA can work with every broker.
  • Free installation (???).
  • Hidden TP and SL levels.
  • No hidden charges (???).

What do hidden charges mean? Free (?) installation, so, where did they see a paid one?

Forex Heist EA presentation

At the very end of the presentation, we’ve found at least something about the robot. It seems to be a trend robot, but we’re not sure.

Forex Heist EA presentation

So, years of effort didn’t bring more money than $51 to fund the account, right? Someone just tells a lie.


Forex Heist EA Backtests
Forex Heist EA Backtests

We’ve got edited backtests. As you can see, the most important (parameters) are hidden.

It’s a EUR/USD backtest on the M15 timeframe. The modeling quality was 90%. The initial deposit was $50. The total net profit was $33408. The profit factor was 33.32. The maximum drawdown was 14.88%. There have been performed 299 trades. The win-rate was between 76% and 80%. The backtests showed that the robot can have many consecutive losses. 

Forex Heist EA trading results

Forex Heist EA Myfxbook

We’ve got a joke real USD account. The account had been deposited at $51. It’s a real level of trust in his or her product. It looks like the only way to earn money for the dev is not to trade on Forex but get a loan in the bank to deposit in $51 to try to sell some copies of a product.

The robot shows good gain that equals 117.24%. The max drawdown was 14.58%. The account is online for about three weeks. The robot works through HF Markets SC, trading with 1:1000 leverage, on MT4.

Forex Heist EA advanced statistics

Nevertheless, the robot traded 24 trades with 597 pips. The average win ($2.98) is three times more than the average loss (-$0.9). Longs’ win-rate was 100%. Shorts win-rate was 78%. The average trade length was 1 day. The profit factor is 23.14.

Forex Heist EA statistics

It trades only a EUR/USD symbol.

Forex Heist EA statistics

The robot opens trade all day.

Forex Heist EA statistics

Now, the EA runs with the lowest possible risks.

Forex Heist EA statistics

As we can see, there are many deals without SL levels set.

Forex Heist EA monthly gain

The risk/reward ratio was 3.71 and that is very solid.

People feedback

Forex Heist EA feedback

People haven’t left feedback yet. 


Forex Heist EA pricing

Oh, here we go. We have to hurry to buy it.

Forex Heist EA pricing

There are three “time” packages. The first costs $20 a week for a single license. $180 will cost a three moths single license. $330 is asked for a 6-months one. 

Forex Heist EA pricing

These packages cost a bit higher than the timed offer ones. $70 is for a month, $100/months includes VPS, $700 costs an annual license, $2000 costs a lifetime license.

Forex Heist EA money back

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but only if “you don’t make money with us.” So, a $1 profit is still the profit.

Forex Heist EA payment methods

There provided four payment methods.

How good is a brand-new robot called Forex Heist EA?


  • Backtests provided
  • Real account trading results
  • Good “profit factor”
  • Low risks trading
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Mediocre strategy explanation
  • The robot hasn’t rated yet
  • Just one currency pair to work with
  • Extremely high price
  • Requirements for a money-back guarantee
Overall rating
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