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Fidelity Investments review


Traders are not accustomed to trusting brokerage platforms, as many need to be more honest in their duties and offer poor-quality services. All of the above does not apply to Fidelity Investments (FI). It conducts its business honestly and provides a complete set of trading tools that can be used without any fear in your work.

About FI

Fidelity Investments is rightfully one of the top brokerage platforms and often takes a leading position there. It belongs to the American company Fidelity, which entered the world stage 76 years ago. Over the years, the firm has developed into a world leader in brokerage services and various trading instruments. It helps beginners and experienced traders conduct several million trades every day. Fidelity also has over 40 million individual investors, proving its high status.

The Fidelity Investments platform is the best choice for traders. It offers them a wide range of services, from transmitting trading signals to providing data on ongoing financial research. FI is constantly improving and trying to improve the quality of services. They succeed in this since finding negative reviews about the platform’s work takes much work. In addition, the low prices for most services are worth noting, which automatically brings Fidelity Investments to the leading position in the popularity rating.

For more details, please check prices. In FI, they are minimal compared to most competitors and sometimes even equal to $0. So trading ETFs and stocks is entirely free. In addition, all users are relieved of the need to pay commissions for various financial transactions. The only thing you pay for is options. They are subject to a commission of $0.65 per contract traded.

Service features

FI is a platform that professional traders and beginners can use without difficulty. To do this, it is enough to follow a specific procedure, which is standard for all cases.


  • Go to the main page of the official FI website.
  • On the left, find the big “Open an Account” button and click on it.
  • Next, select the type of account you want to create and click “Open now.»
  • Enter your data and confirm the registration.
  • After that, open an account and replenish it with at least $10.
  • From the list of services, select those that you want to use.
  • Save changes, and you can get to work.

Cooperation with Fidelity Investments can become more fruitful if you prepare for it in advance. Such training includes the acquisition of basic knowledge, as well as the study of some features.

Important features:

  • Mobile application. The pride of FI is its app for mobile devices. It is functional and straightforward to use. Thanks to these qualities, the application occupies a leading place in the popularity rating and receives many positive reviews. Almost all owners of modern gadget models can install it for themselves. To do this, perform a few simple manipulations. It is also worth noting that there is no additional charge for downloading and using the application.
  • Educational content. Fidelity Investments has one of the best tradings and investing articles collections. All of them will be useful not only for new customers but also for experienced users. These texts are very high quality so that you will get the most detailed description of each topic. Such materials will become the basis for future success and help the trader to improve.
  • Minimum account. You can use Fidelity Investments even with $0 in your reports. This feature is rare since most competitors have a specific financial minimum. However, it is worth knowing that in some cases (with particular investment methods), you still need to have at least $10 in your account. This will allow you to work more or less usually and enjoy all the privileges of the service.
  • Customer service. FI does not hide from customers. Therefore it offers many options for contacting the support service and other representatives. It is best to consult on any issues in special investor centers. They are in many US cities and are open to everyone. If you live far from such establishments, an alternative option would be a conversation via online chat. In addition, you can contact representatives of Fidelity Investments by phone via e-mail. The company also has a chatbot.
  • Safety. Where there is money, there are bound to be scammers. To combat them, FI uses several proven methods at once. First of all, users are waiting for two-factor authentication. In addition to it, access to the account can be protected by a security question/answer. This option should be used by traders who log into the account from different devices. All mobile application users also have access to authorization through fingerprint scanning.
  • Bonuses. FI is so good that it doesn’t need any marketing to attract customers. Therefore, beginners should not expect pleasant surprises (for example, additional money in the account). However, as a gift to all users, the company offers free access to dozens of valuable tools and features. This alternative to standard bonuses is even more attractive.


FI is among the top platforms for a reason. It has many advantages over competitors, which can be felt from the first days of cooperation. Not without drawbacks, which are mentioned in all Fidelity Investments reviews.

F.I. pros:

  • high status of the company
  • a considerable number of investors
  • a wide range of available services
  • a lot of good reviews
  • low prices
  • no commissions for trading ETFs and stocks
  • functional mobile application
  • a large selection of educational content
  • $0 minimum on accounts
  • quality customer service

FI cons:

  • services are not available for residents of some countries

Numerous reviews of Fidelity Investments make it clear that this service is the most reliable. He provides quality services to traders and takes relatively little money for it. Once you start working with FI, you won’t consider the available alternatives.


Features: 4

Exchanges Supported: 5

Security: 3

Price: 4

Customer Support: 4

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