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EveryDollar review


Everyone at least a little versed in financial management knows about the EveryDollar application. It dramatically simplifies the process of budgeting, controlling expenses, and drawing up financial plans for the future. This product is almost perfect, so it suits everyone without exception. To understand its popularity’s secret, you must study the EveryDollar review carefully.

General information about EveryDollar

EveryDollar is one of the best apps in its class. It was developed by the Ramsey Solutions team, owned by renowned financier Dave Ramsey. This person will not offer anything terrible, so people treat his product with special attention. The developers’ popularity also increases the users’ trust, thanks to which the customer base of EveryDollar is expanding very quickly. To date, the app has been installed by about 6 million people.

EveryDollar is considered a universal product. In most cases, it is used to form the family budget. In addition, it helps ordinary people establish control over their own money’s expenses, thereby saving a lot of money. Another use case for EveryDollar is financial planning. With it, you can make plans for the future, considering the current financial possibilities. Despite this versatility, the application itself is pretty simple. People who previously did not trust such financial products can easily use them.

EveryDollar offers only one plan. Its cost is $12.99 for each month of using the application. The user gets access to all settings and functions for this money, which eliminates any operational restrictions. This product’s developers also provided the possibility of making an advance payment 12 months in advance. In this case, users can save a lot since, in this case, they will have to pay only $79.99 instead of $155.88. This difference is impressive, so most customers choose the annual subscription. EveryDollar also has a free trial period. It lasts 14 days, during which everyone can try the application and return the paid money.

Important features

Organizing the work properly and drawing up a specific action plan are essential. It is also necessary for users who are going to use EveryDollar. Such a plan consists of 8 points, the quality of each of which affects the final result.

Action plan:

  • First, go to the Ramsey Solutions website and find the page dedicated to EveryDollar.
  • Press the “Sign Up” button, after which the registration form opens.
  • Fill it with essential information and click “Create Account.»
  • Then go to your account and choose the subscription period (1 or 12 months).
  • Download the mobile application and log into your account.
  • Manually add accounts that you can control through EveryDollar.
  • Go to the settings menu and customize the application to your own needs.
  • With simple manipulations, save all changes and re-open the application. Only then can it be used to manage personal finances.

EveryDollar is a popular app and has been covered hundreds of times already. In each of the reviews, you can find specific information that may be of interest to future users. We’ve gathered all the data and come up with our list of EveryDollar’s key features.

Application features:

  • Contacts. There are several ways to contact EveryDollar representatives. Most often, people use the feedback form. The alternative is a simple phone call. In both cases, you can reach the support service in minutes. In the case of a call, the user receives answers instantly. If a feedback form is used, then you will have to wait a couple of tens of minutes.
  • Security conditions. EveryDollar, like other products of the Ramsey Solutions team, is as safe as possible. They do not manage your finances but only display the account’s status, so fraudsters cannot take your money even by hacking into the application account. In addition, developers carefully encrypt user data and store their personal information on the most secure servers.
  • Mobile version. The EveryDollar mobile app is designed not only for modern gadgets but also for slightly outdated devices. This feature allows almost everyone to download and install the application on their tablet, smartphone, or iPhone. The mobile version is the most convenient, so working with it is always pleasant and comfortable. Its interface is so simple that you can figure it out in a few minutes.
  • Useful information. The site dedicated to the EveryDollar application has several information sections. There, everyone can learn the latest news (for example, announcements of updates, the addition of certain functions, etc.) and the rules for using a particular financial product. Also, on some pages, there are reviews of users who have installed EveryDollar. However, you should only partially trust them since there is no evidence that they were left by real people and not invented by developers to popularize their products.
  • Goals. EveryDollar has such a practical option as setting a target. A certain amount is selected when using it, which will gradually accumulate on a separate account. This will happen by deducting a fixed percentage from each transaction. This method of getting funds is the most effective, as it allows you to end up with a large amount and not notice additional daily financial costs.

Advantages and disadvantages

EveryDollar app review will not become useless if it does not contain a list of advantages/disadvantages. However, its presence will make the overall picture more complete and allow you to evaluate the application quickly.


  • famous developers
  • many use cases
  • more than 6 million users
  • simple management
  • free trial period
  • low price of an annual subscription
  • the possibility of a refund
  • wide functionality
  • nice interface
  • availability of support service
  • a high percentage of positive feedback


  • expensive monthly subscription

EveryDollar app is one of the top financial products. It quickly and easily performs various work, which used to take several hours of free time. Having studied all its features and understood the principle of operation, you can get absolute pleasure from the budget management process.


Features: 4

Exchanges Supported: 4

Security: 4

Price: 5

Customer Support: 5

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