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GoodBudget review


Simple users who want to avoid overpaying for features they do not need should use GoodBudget. This application already says by its name that it is intended for easier budget management. It is equally well suited to people of different statuses and age categories. You can get more information about this product from our GoodBudget review.

General information about GoodBudget

GoodBudget is a popular financial product that anyone can use. It arose due to work by Dayspring Technologies Inc., a company specializing in software development. The new experience for them became successful, so the company began actively developing its product. Since its inception in 2009, the application has been updated many times and supplemented with new features. Now it has become one of the tops of various ratings.

GoodBudget is not a unique application. It uses a standard system of digital envelopes to allocate all income into dozens of expense categories correctly. This approach will help you avoid high financial costs that are often unnecessary and empty your budget. With each of the envelopes, the user can perform various manipulations so that the operation of GoodBudget becomes like some economic game. The similarity becomes even more significant due to the simplicity of carrying out multiple functions and excellent visualization of statistical data. A substantial drawback of the application users is the lack of the ability to synchronize data. Because of this, all operations must be carried out manually, and the regularity of this work will be pretty high.

GoodBudget is designed for representatives of different social categories, so it has a free and paid plan. The first (called “Free”) provides the user with a basic set of functions and severely limits his actions. This option is only suitable for people who have a relatively small budget. GoodBudget also has a “Plus” tariff. For only $8 per month, you get this product’s perks, including many valuable add-ons. The paid surcharge can be ordered for 1 or 12 months. In the second case, the user needs to stake not $96 but only $70. The savings are small, but they will be significant enough for many people.

Important features

Most often, users are okay with using GoodBudget. Despite this, you still need to read the basic instructions for its operation. This knowledge will help you avoid minor difficulties during the registration and application setup phase.

User manual:

  • Come to the official web resource and click “CREATE YOUR GOOD BUDGET” (white letters on a blue background).
  • A new tab will open with a registration form. Fill it with reliable information and already put a mark in front of the selected tariff at this stage. You agree to the application’s terms of use and subscribe to the news that will be sent to your email. Without such consent, you will not be able to create an account.
  • Next, click “GET STARTED” and confirm your account.
  • After completing the registration on the computer, pick up a smartphone or iPhone and then go to your application store. There you download GoodBudget and install it.
  • Launch the application and perform authorization (specify the data entered during registration on the site).
  • If you have chosen a paid plan, you pay for a subscription for the selected period.
  • Manually add all your accounts, assets, and other finances.
  • If necessary, change the parameters for displaying statistics and save the settings.
  • Restart GoodBudget and start using it.

You can use our services if you do not want to read many GoodBudget app reviews in search of important information about the application. We have selected the most significant points that every user should know about.

Good Budget features:

  • Customer support. It is only available via email. All customer requests are processed within a few hours, after which the answers come to the address from which the appeal was sent. An alternative is to search for a solution to an existing problem using the FAQ section. In addition, GoodBudget has a forum where more experienced users can share important information with newcomers.
  • Security conditions. The application is protected by 256-bit encryption. It is used by most financial institutions, as it is pretty reliable. It is also worth noting that GoodBudget shows you statistics but does not have access to your financial accounts.
  • Interface. It is always a pleasure to work when an application has a beautiful and straightforward interface. It allows you to switch between tabs, controlling all financial aspects quickly. Also, the application implements the ability to add charts to the statistics page showing the distribution of expenses, income, and much more.
  • Useful materials. GoodBudget has a whole library of articles on the subject of financial management. There everyone will find useful materials for themselves and read them with pleasure. It is also worth noting the presence of video files and special educational courses. All materials are created in English, which is native to most users.

Advantages and disadvantages

By studying numerous GoodBudget reviews, you can highlight the qualities of the application that are mentioned more often than others. They are included in our list of advantages/disadvantages of this product.


  • high status of the developer
  • the popular system of envelopes
  • an exciting process of budget management
  • good statistics visualization tools
  • free tariff
  • low price of a paid subscription
  • discount for advance payment
  • nice interface
  • the small size of the application
  • suitable for everyone without exception
  • positive reviews


  • lack of possibility of data synchronization

If the application is high quality and easy to use, people will like it. And so it happened with GoodBudget. This product quickly became it’s own for ordinary users, and its popularity only increases yearly. If you can find a common language with this application, you will forget the big time losses for managing your own finances.


Features: 4

Exchanges Supported: 3

Security: 4

Price: 4

Customer Support: 5

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